Choose Your Future – it’s European Elections day! Get out and vote to stop Brexit

Thursday 23rd May 2019 is European Elections day to elect our representatives to the European Parliament and the EU has created a rather fine film to get you off your couch and into the polling booth.

Good, innit?

Where do I vote?

So off you pop to your local polling station. Can’t be bothered? Well don’t complain in future when things don’t go your way.

If you have no idea where your polling station is the you can use the polling station finder that the council provides here. 

Click to find your polling station in Tower Hamlets
Click to find your polling station in Tower Hamlets

Do I need my polling card?

Official word on this from Tower Hamlets Council: ” If your polling card has been misplaced, you can still vote TODAY without it if you are registered. Give the poll clerk your name and address at your polling station. Find out more about the European parliamentary elections and see who the candidates here.

EU Election candidates

So that’s sorted. What else? Oh yeah, candidates! By pure chance LW published a list of all the London candidates to be Members of the European Parliament yesterday.

That must be it. Reminder of elections being held? Check. Where to vote? Check.

Oops! Nearly forgot. As opposed to the usual shambles that passes for voting in Tower Hamlets,  the European Elections for Members of the European Parliament are just as elections should be. No squabbling between candidates who often seem more interested in what they can get from the borough than how they can serve, just a good old fashioned contest between clearly identified parties with clearly defined policies.

Well, apart from the Conservatives who do not even have an election manifesto. Minor detail.

Vote to stop Brexit, vote Liberal Democrat

“Liberal Democrats demand better than Brexit could ever begin to offer”, Cllr. Rabina Khan

So if you do want a better future for your children and want to take a stand against the rampant nonsense that is Brexit LW suggests you vote for the Liberal Democrats.

You can of course vote for whoever you want but don’t blame Moley if you don’t vote to stop Brexit and our nation goes down the tubes. And we don’t mean the Underground.

The Liberal Democrats have eight candidates in London including Shadwell councillor Rabina Khan and because the election uses proportional representation – the more votes a party gets the more seats they get – they are expected to send at least four MEPs to Brussels.

A vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to stop Brexit.

The Wapping Mole, indeed the entire LW editorial team, have on occasion had public disagreements  with Cllr. Khan in the past. However times change, we all move on and so we have no hesitation in endorsing her as the best hope for Tower Hamlets in Europe.

That decision is the result of considering the policies of the Liberal Democrats (stopping Brexit loud and clear) and the abilities of the candidate herself.

Today put your country ahead of party politics and vote to stop Brexit, vote Liberal Democrat.

Have we said that already? Yes, oh well!

Vote Liberal Democrats to stop Brexit image.
Vote Liberal Democrats to stop Brexit.

Elections take place at different times across the EU so don’t expect a result until the beginning of next week.

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