It’s back! Another Wapping Lockdown for Big Half Marathon this weekend

Yes folks it is the time of year when the Council rents out the streets of Wapping to get some cash and first up is the Big Half Marathon! Yay!

This year we promise not to mention that this is an ‘experimental marketing event’ designed to flog life insurance, health insurance and investments for Vitality UK – whoops! There we go again!

It’s for charidy mate!

What we meant to say was that this is a wonderful, warm and indeed cuddly event for charity! Last year 11,000 participants raised more than £1.1 million and we got various holes in Wapping High Street patched up. All good.

This year the Vitality UK / Big Half Marathon organisers have upped their public relations efforts a little bit by making random sports people go to local schools. LW was invited but as we have no intention of doing marketing work free of charge (or even paid) we ignored the invites.

Big Half Road closures

Wapping Road Closures

The Big Half would not be the Big Half without Wapping road closures (other road closures are available in other parts of the borough) so here they are!

Big Half Marathon Road Closures

The event starts at 08:55 by Ensign Street on The Highway where up to 15,000

runners will head east along The Highway and through the Limehouse Link Tunnel to Canary Wharf.

Mayor Biggs says “We are aware of the disruption to some of our roads and we have sought to minimise this, but the positive enthusiasm for this event, including from local people, we think makes it worthwhile.”

(Translation: Tough if you don’t like it.)

They will return along The Highway, Garnet Street, Wapping High Street, and Thomas More Street before departing Tower Hamlets via East Smithfield and across

Tower Bridge. Roads in the Wapping and Shadwell area will close at 07:00 and reopen at 12:30.

Due to the close proximity to the Start Assembly area, residents should also be aware that Tower Bridge, Tower Hill and East Smithfield will be closed from 04:00, although Dock Street will remain accessible from The Highway and from Royal Mint Street until 08:45.

Vehicle crossing points

There are four vehicle crossing points available throughout the event but they will be closed to traffic to allow runners to pass during the times listed.

  1. Dock Street – Vaughan Way closed for runners from 08:45 to 09:45
  2. Cannon Street Road – Wapping Lane closed for runners from 08:45 to 10:00
  3. Glamis Road closed for runners from 08:45 to 11:25
  4. Kennet Street – St Katharine’s Way closed for runners from 08:45 to 11:35

Move yer cars!

If you have a vehicle, please move it off the event route on Saturday 9 March.

All parking bays on the route will be suspended and vehicle removal will commence from 05:00 on Sunday 10 March.

We are pleased to offer residents of Wapping free, secure parking at – and thanks to – John Orwell Sports Centre on Tench Street [That’s big of them, Ed.]. Parking is available from 16:00 on Saturday 9 March to 16:00 Sunday 10 March. Please show proof of your address to event stewards at the sports centre to gain access.

LW Comment

Other experiential marketing events are available – even Jeremy Corbyn has got in on the act!

Good luck to all Wapping residents who are taking part, we wish you well.

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One thought on “It’s back! Another Wapping Lockdown for Big Half Marathon this weekend

  1. Sounds a bit like ‘yah boo’. The London Marathon used to run through Wapping streets when it first started and locals were a bit upset when they shifted it to the Highway. It was embraced by local people, some of whom took part (Dennis St.C) – and even though there was some disruption locals never complained and enjoyed the event. Since when did ‘Wappinites’ become so unhappy about it???

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