Love Wapping handy voting guide for todays Shadwell and Lansbury by-elections

Voting for the by-elections in both Shadwell and Lansbury take place today Thursday 7th February 2019. Here are the questions that come up every polling day for those who are still a little fuzzy about the whole democracy thing.

Our favourite polling day photo (Other cats are available)

How can I vote?

You can find out how to vote on the Tower Hamlets council website.

Do I need my polling card to vote?

If you are registered to vote you will have been sent an official polling card which tells you when, where and how to vote.

If you are still unsure where to vote you can use the Polling Station finder by entering your postcode

Polling cards are for information only – you do not need to have your polling card when you vote but it will make the voting process a lot easier for the election staff so take it along if you can.

But if you don’t have a polling card just give the poll clerk your name and address.

Can I vote at any polling station?

No. Another good reason for having your polling card which specifies the one polling station where you can cast your vote.

Do I need to show proof of identity to vote?

Err… no.

Can someone help me vote at a polling station?

Absolutely not. Only one person is allowed in a voting booth at a time.

Can I vote more than once?

Seriously? You have to ask? Absolutely not. One person one vote is the bedrock of our democracy. Anyone trying to vote multiple times will get arrested and will probably end up in court.

Has the Shadwell by-election been cancelled?

No. The Shadwell by-election is still going ahead. Abjol Miah’s membership of the Liberal Democrats has been suspended and he is now standing as an independent candidate but, we repeat, the Shadwell by-election will still be held.

Statement by Head of Electoral Services Tower Hamlets council

“Candidates are established through a formal nomination process and once the deadline has passed the ballot papers and poll continue unaffected by changes to political affiliation, be that on a voluntary basis or through a party removing the candidate from their membership. Consequently, the law is very clear in that the Returning Officer has no alternative other than to continue the poll unchanged.”

How do I report electoral fraud or related crimes?

Where can I find out more information about voting today?

Full details of elections and voting in Tower Hamlets are available here but all you really need is the information on your polling card.

Oh and a vague idea of who you want to vote for. Not compulsory though.

LW doesn’t care who you vote for – just vote.

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