Lansbury and Shadwell By-Election Candidates Announced

The candidates for the Lansbury and Shadwell by-elections caused by the resignation of two Labour Party councillors have been announced.

Er… that’s it really.

Only joking! This is Tower Hamlets remember!

It would be more accurate to say that this is the information we can publish without getting sued and our numerous sources across our borough not ending up under our borough.

Many thanks to all of you who tell LW what is really going on as opposed to the nonsense others would try and have us believe.

Our bet? A Bangladeshi councillor on 7th February

Ex Labour Councillor Muhammad Harun

In Lansbury, the main contest is between Ohid Ahmed of Lutfur Rahman’s Aspire party, Labour’s Rajib Ahmed and Abdul Asad of the Liberal Democrats. The key issue is how the Bangladeshi vote splits between these three people.

This time round Ohid Ahmed has the problem that while he can promise all sorts in return for votes he is not in a position to deliver anything if he actually wins as he will be all by himself in the Council chamber.

Lutfur Rahman has been seen out on the street canvassing for Ohid Ahmed but Lutfur has no power. And sometimes power is everything.

Ohid also suffers from not being a member of a mainstream party although he is known, if not particularly liked, across the ward.

Rajib Ahmed has the handicap of, well, being a member of the Labour Party.

Many Lansbury residents are extremely angry that Muhammad Harun, the Labour Party candidate in the May 2018 elections, made them all sorts of promises and then resigned because of certain alleged irregularities about certain properties.

A bent f******g c**t?

As one Lansbury resident said to LW, “If the last Labour candidate was [allegedly] dodgy who’s to say the next bloke isn’t?”

Actually, their precise words were: “If the last Labour c**t was a dodgy f*****r who’s to say the next f******g Labour c**t isn’t a bent f******g c**t as well?” plus the same sentiment expressed in numerous different ways for quite some time.

Gone – but not forgotten by the electorate

No offence to the Labour Party candidate as we are sure Rajib Ahmed is an upstanding member of our community but you can see this particular resident’s point. And unfortunately, this rather sceptical view of any Labour Party candidate is extended to any other candidates leading to even more voter apathy.

Lansbury Ward Candidates

Candidate Political Party Home Address
Mumshad AFRUZ Conservative 17 Susannah Street, London, E14 6LS
Abul Monsur Ohid AHMED Aspire 126 Oban Street, Poplar, London, E14 0GR
Rajib AHMED Labour 21 Arabian House, Ernest Street, E1 4SN
Muhammad Abul ASAD Liberal Democrat Flat 9 Ames Cottages, Hearnshaw Street, London, E14 7QY
Terence McGRENERA The House Party – Homes For Londoners 286 Devons Rd, London, E3 3PN
Paul Michael SHEA UK Independence Party (UKIP) 26 Lodore Street, Poplar, E14 6LY
John David URPETH The Green Party 52 Ferry Street, London, E14 3DT

The Lansbury by-election will take place on Thursday 7 February 2019.

Full details of the Lansbury by-election can be found here.

The Land of Queen Rabina – and Prince Abjol?

Lib Dem candidate Abjol Miah

Ah, Shadwell! What can we say about Shadwell? Well, it is north of Wapping. And it is the territory of Queen Rabina of Watney who is now a Liberal Democrat.

It is also the ward that Labour councillor Ruhul Amin recently abandoned because he decided that being a ward councillor was far too much like hard work for his liking.

Thanks for popping in Ruhul! Bye!

Word is that Lib Dem canvassers have been open-mouthed by the way Cllr. Rabina Khan can open doors for them – literally.

More than a well-known face in her ward Khan is, whatever your views of her, an incredibly hard-working local councillor and come election time that pays off.

Other local councillors might try the same approach. We mention no specific wards.

A key issue is how much of the Queen Rabina pixie dust can be sprinkled on the Lib Dem candidate Abjol Miah? And of course, Abjol is extremely well known in Shadwell and has been involved in community work and politics since he was 13 apparently.

The Lib Dems are out in force every evening and weekend and are gathering in Watney Market again on Saturday where they will spread out with the avowed intention of turning Shadwell, and the borough, yellow.

Who knows, at the rate Labour councillors have been resigning recently the Lib Dems might succeed.

Even if this is only because there soon may be no Labour Party councillors left in Tower Hamlets if resignations continue, a win is a win.

Shadwell Ward Candidates

Candidate Political Party Home Address
Kazi Mohammad GOUS-MIAH Independent 90 Gordon House, Glamis Road, London, E1W 3ED
Tim KIELY The Green Party 51A Arbour Square, London, E1 0PS
Abjol MIAH Liberal Democrat 513 Mile End Road, London, E3 4PA
Mohammad Harun MIAH Aspire Flat 49 Solander Gardens, Lowood Street, London, E1 0DN
Asik RAHMAN Labour Party Flat 11 Melwood House, 13 Watney Market, E1 2QX
Elena SCHERBATYKH Women`s Equality Party 115 Bray Court, 2 Meath Crescent, E2 0QL
Daryl Martin STAFFORD Conservative Party 464 Cable Street, London, E1W 3DR

The Shadwell by-election will take place on Thursday 7 February 2019.

Full details of the Shadwell by-election can be found here.

What happens when?

What When
Publication of Notice of Election Wednesday 2 January 2019
Receipt of nominations 4pm, Friday 11 January 2019
Withdrawal of candidate 4pm, Friday 11 January 2019
Publication of Notice of Election agents 4pm, Friday 11 January 2019
Publication of Statements of Persons nominated 4pm, Monday 14 January 2019
Last date for registration Tuesday 22 January 2019
Receipt of Postal Vote applications 5pm, Wednesday 23 January 2019
Publication of Notice of Poll Wednesday 30 January 2019
Receipt of Proxy Vote applications 5pm, Wednesday 30 January 2019
Appointment of Poll and count agents Thursday 31 January 2019
First day to issue replacement lost postal ballot papers Friday 1 February 2019
Last day to issue replacement spoilt or lost postal ballot papers 5pm, Thursday 7 February 2019
Receipt of Emergency Proxy Vote applications 5pm, Thursday 7 February 2019
Day of Poll 7am to 10pm, Thursday 7 February 2019
Return of Election expenses Thursday 14 March 2019


LW Comment

Enough comment above we think. Whatever the details of how the two by-elections are fought and the eventual winners (assuming they do not resign within five minutes of victory) this is a new sort of political competition for Tower Hamlets for one very good reason.

The almost complete absence of independent candidates. Or ‘Independent’ candidates. And let’s not mention THING (Tower Hamlets Independent Group). Or the Independent independent sub-group.

We only like elections because it gives us a good excuse to use our favourite photo of a cat outside a polling station.

The People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets (PATH) are missed if only because we cannot make Peoples Front of Judea jokes anytime we feel like it. Or Judean Popular Front jokes.

“So is Rabina Khan a real queen then?”

Kazi Mohammad GOUS-MIAH is the only Independent candidate in the whole field. Who knows, he might be a real independent candidate. Good luck to him with that.

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