Comparison of Tower Hamlets Lib Dem, Labour and Conservative Twitter Accounts

Yes politics geeks this one is just for you! (Normal people can just ignore this.)

Sad as we are every morning LW checks the national newspaper sites to see what is going on and on occasion have a quick look at The Evil That Is Twitter.

This morning, shocked into action on seeing Jim Fitzpatrick MP tweeting four times (yes, four!) in only a few minutes we decided to have a look at the main Twitter accounts of the three main parties fighting the Shadwell and Lansbury by-elections and see how active they were.

As usual, the @THLDs @TH_Labour and @BGBConservative timelines were full of very poor photographs of candidates and canvassers out and about doing their vote begging thing. Dull, dull, dull. Nowt to see there.

Then we popped over to the Followerwonk site which can provide you with basic comparative data and ran a simple comparison of these three Twitter accounts. You can see the Followerwonk report here or just have a look at the screengrab below.

Followerwonk analysis – click for larger image.

The most obvious result of this simple analysis is that Tower Hamlets Labour has the largest number of followers, 5,470, compared to 1,683 for Tower Hamlets Lib Dems and 1,103 for the Conservatives.

Both Labour and Lib Dem accounts have been active for eight years, the Conservative account for about five and a half years.

The most interesting detail revealed (the red dashed line bit) is that the Tower Hamlets Labour account has a 32% retweet rate and that 29.5% of tweets are of web links (or URLs in geek speak).

That means that irrespective of the number of followers of the Labour account it has a very impressive engagement rate – or it tweets stuff people are either interested in or can take action on (links to stuff).

Looking at the content of the Tower Hamlets Labour Party account this engagement is more likely to be symptomatic of the dedication of their Twitter followers than anything genuinely interesting in terms of content. But that is an informed guess, only further detailed analysis would confirm this.

And believe us when we say LW has much better things to do on a Saturday morning than that. Writing a story or two for real people being one of them.

For those politicos who wonder why few people take any interest in their Twitter feed LW refers them once again to the blindingly good video content that my friend Councillor Pauline Lockie produces for her constituents over in Sydney, Australia. Here is just one example:

Good, huh?

You can find out more about her work and other videos on her website

You can’t vote for Pauline in the upcoming by-elections here but you might gain inspiration from the way she engages with her constituents.

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