Cinnamon Street squat cleared in Wapping police operation, stolen goods found

On Friday 18th January 2019 at around 08.30hrs Tower Hamlets police executed a search warrant at 13–15 Cinnamon Street, Wapping, to clear the building of squatters.

The video in the tweet below is best experienced with the volume set to high.

Approximately 20 police officers from across the Central East Basic Command Unit* (BCU), including our intrepid Wapping SNT, had to use force to gain access to the property.

Six people have been arrested for a variety of offences, one of whom was wanted by police in connection to several recent burglaries. [Cinnamon Cafe we wonder?]

MPS Tower Hamlets prepare to give the squatters their early morning wake-up call.

Local residents told LW that this is the third time the Transport for London (TfL) owned property has been subject to squatting and were full of praise for the way the police dealt with the incident.

Police say that concerns voiced by Wapping residents and several sources of intelligence were relied upon in order to secure the warrant to access the premises.

Stolen property recovered

Numerous items of property recovered from the address are suspected of being stolen and the police are now trying to trace owners.

Is this yours?

One of the items found was this rather nice bike. Is this yours? If so get in touch with the police with the frame / serial number and you can have it back.

The building has now been returned to the ownership and control of TfL who have secured the address.

Let’s hope TfL do a better job of it than last time. And the time before that.

Anyone with further information or queries regarding this incident should contact the Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) via or 101.

What is a Basic Command Unit?

*The MPS is moving away from their current 32 borough model that is aligned with boundaries of the 32 London Local Authorities, and will fundamentally change the way in which policing is delivered in London. The Met have redesigned the existing 32 borough model to form 12 larger units called Basic Command Units (BCUs). Central East Basic Command Unit consists of Hackney and Tower Hamlets and is under the command of Sue Williams.

For more information see Changes to Operational Policing in London (PDF).


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