Another embarrassing Tower Hamlets Labour wannabe councillor revelation

Oh dear. Oh deary dear. Oh deary deary deary deary dear.

The esteemed Parliamentary blogger Guido Fawkes has found that Tower Hamlets Labour’s candidate in the Shadwell by-election Asik Rahman (no relation) seems to be an admirer of a Dr. Zakir Naik and one Mufti Ismail Menk according to his Facebook likes.

Guido Fawkes strikes again

Which is somewhat problematic because of their extreme views which have no place in our society.

Hate preacher


Dr Zakir Naik

Dr. Zakir Naik is an Indian hate preacher who was banned from the UK in 2010 for saying ‘all Muslims should be terrorists’ and according to this story in The Independent is still broadcasting on his ’Peace TV’ channel (no irony there – you can guess the content).

Osama bin Laden

Dr Naik also believes 911 was ‘an inside job’ and is (or was) a fan of one Osama bin Laden (RIP).

Not a liberal-minded kind of guy

Mufti Ismail Menk is a Zimbabwean anti-gay cleric who describes same-sex acts as ‘filthy’ and ‘wrong’ amongst other things. His 2013 student organised UK university speaking tour was cancelled because of his views.

Mufti Ismail Menk’s UK speaking tour was cancelled in 2013

Drop us a line Asik!

If Asik Rahman reads this – and as he has liked LW on Facebook too we assume he will – it would be great if he could drop us an email ( with his side of the story ‘cos we would love to read it.

Asik Rahman’s Facebook likes page

Asik might want to check out the longest apology every by anyone for anything that Cllr. Pappu made when he got found out a while back and note that the ‘I am really sorry / I didn’t realise who these people were when I liked them / I was very young / Facebook what’s that? / Who me?’ line has been well and truly owned.

So probably best not to use that one.

Come to think of it he might also want to check out what Cllr. Harun and Cllr. Amin said when they were forced to resign (Harun) and decided to leave Tower Hamlets Labour Party because being a councillor is too much work (Amin) only a few weeks ago.

Bright sparks

Whatever bright spark does the selection for Tower Hamlets Labour Party might want to consider checking out their Facebook pages before signing them up and trying to sell them to voters and not after.

After all, it seems everyone else is!

LW and Moley would also like to present this template resignation letter we found on the interwebs for use by the next Tower Hamlets Labour candidate/councillor to chuck their hand in / get caught out.

Never let it be said we are not helpful.

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