Victoria Park One O’Clock Club to close despite previous Council denial

In direct contradiction to a Council statement provided to LW in May 2018 it seems the Victoria Park One O’Clock Club is to close – and be turned into a horticultural centre.

The Victoria Park One O’Clock Club has been closed for six months for ’essential repairs and improvements’ to be carried out but it now seems that the One O’Clock Club will never reopen.

The BS we were all fed – and swallowed – in May just after the local and Mayoral elections.

What was real purpose of building work?

Which casts doubt on the real purpose of the ’essential repairs and improvements’, it would seem fair to assume that the building work was being undertaken to make the premises fit for a purpose other than caring for children.

Those of a sceptical frame of mind might think that news emerging that the Victoria Park One O’Clock Club was to be closed within days of the May 2018 local elections might have caused some embarrassment for the Labour administration of Mayor John Biggs. Or is that just us?

So it seems the ’essential repairs and improvements’ story was just that – a story.

Fate of Wapping One O’Clock Club unknown

It is not known if the Wapping One O’Clock Club is going to suffer a similar fate.

Details on this issue are still sketchy but it does seem that there has been little or no consultation about this closure with users, local residents or councillors.

LW is considering contact Tower Hamlets Council for a statement as we did in May – but see little point if neither we or borough residents are going to be told the truth.

LW Comment

“Another day, another closure of essential children’s services.”

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher pictured in 1981

No, not a headline from the days of Prime Minister Maggie ‘milk snatcher’ Thatcher, just another announcement from a supposedly socialist administration which is sitting on a cash pile of £180,000,000.

Council nurseries closed, One O’Clock Club closed, what’s next?

The line that will probably be trotted out by the Council about the Victoria Park One O’Clock Club closure will be along the lines of how badly hit Tower Hamlets has been by central government cuts and how Mayor Biggs and his team are working so hard to make things work and efficiencies here and blue sky thinking there and raising the scarlet standard high and we are listening to your concerns etc, etc.

Reality check

Communities Secretary Rt Hon James Brokenshire MP aka Tower Hamlets Last Hope

After the catastrophe of the Lutfur Rahman administration we all assumed – and we, LW, the Wapping Mole and all are as guilty as anyone – that local government in Tower Hamlets could only get better.

Because it was not possible for Tower Hamlets to get worse.

A reasonable hope given that local government in Tower Hamlets had become so unfit for purpose that the government had to send the DCLG Commissioners in to take control.

How wrong we all were.

Hey Jamie, any chance we could have a return visit?

LW knows there are some decent Labour councillors, it’s just that they aren’t in charge.


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