Brexit – how to lobby your Tower Hamlets MP to get it stopped

Anyone who has switched on the TV recently may have noticed that our political system is in chaos, as Theresa May tries to crowbar her Brexit Withdrawal Agreement through Parliament on 11 December.

Somehow the Prime Minister has managed to come up with a take it or leave it deal which both Remainers (yay!) and Brexiteers (boo!) do not like. Nice work.

And this morning it was announced that the European Court of Justice’s advocate general has published a non-binding legal opinion that the UK Parliament can unilaterally cancel its withdrawal from the EU.

Which is nice. And with the way things look at the moment probably the best option all round.

Get involved today

Brexit is, without doubt, the most important issue facing our country since the Second World War. You need to get involved today by lobbying your MP.

What can you do about it? Simple: Email your MP which is either Jim Fitzpatrick (Labour, Poplar and Limehouse) or Rushanara Ali (Labour, Bethnal Green and Bow) and or arrange to go and see them and tell them what you think.

You can find out more about what lobbying actually is on the Parliament UK site. 

Local groups of people across the UK who don’t align to any political philosophy but do know Brexit is a looming disaster are emailing their MPs and arranging visits to their surgeries.

You can find a local group in your area at this site. 

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s position is gently shifting: if we make it past 11 December with an approved deal, enough loyalist Labour MPs in his party could convince him that a People’s Vote ( a second referendum) is the only way to give the answer back to the people, and to hopefully stop this debacle before it destroys the UK.

Of course, a second referendum may give the same result as the first in which case I am marrying a nice Spanish / Basque lady and clearing off to Spain / Bilbao. anyone?

Only the Liberal Democrats have consistently opposed Brexit for the very dangerous nonsense that it is. Good on them – pity their national voice has hardly been heard. Maybe want to fix that Lib Dems?

How do I lobby my MP?

Remember only your MP for your constituency can represent you – so if you are unsure who your MP is please use the ‘They Work For You’ site by entering your postcode and it will tell you.

Please note you cannot lobby your MP by tweeting them – so don’t bother trying. And be polite however you get in touch.  Both our MPs do a damn good job so respect them for that whatever your political views.

Rushanara Ali MP Contact Details

House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

Tel: 020 7219 7200



Jim Fitzpatrick MP Contact Details

House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

Tel: 020 7219 5085 / 0207 219 6215



If you’re interested in lobbying your MP but are still unsure how to do it get in touch with Love Wapping by email and we will do what we can to help.

Still unsure? Get more information at People’s Vote. 

LW Comment

Let’s hope that we follow the EU advice and just cancel Brexit – then we can just pretend it never happened. Simples!

6 thoughts on “Brexit – how to lobby your Tower Hamlets MP to get it stopped

  1. Jim Fitzpatrick has shown himself to be quite closely aligned to the traditional Corbyn stance and appears fairly Eurosceptic but has kept an open mind. He has abstained on a number of votes.
    We can all acknowledge that UK citizens wanted to leave but this government has simply not been able to deliver on the many promises we heard bandied about. As Brexiters have failed miserably, it’s time for the people to confirm, for the first time, whether they want this Brexit plan or not.

  2. Tower Hamlets voted overwhelmingly (64.5%) to Remain. One concern ALL of us should have, being a central Borough, is the loss of security cooperation.
    Loss of the European arrest warrant (making it very difficult for us to deport suspects), loss of membership of EUROPOL and Eurojust and especially the related systems such as SIS-II. The Treaties do not legally allow non-members to access these.
    We are incredibly exposed to terrorism and other crime in Tower Hamlets. The Brexiters have not delivered on their promises. Instead of creating some kind of opaque border imagined by Brexiters, Brexit will weaken our police forces.
    If Leave voters are happy with the deal then they should be able to confirm that in a vote on the deal.
    I, for one, will not allow cowards to weaken our safety and those of our children.

  3. Dear Moley
    You do a great job on the cr-@p & corruption that is THBC.
    A great many – yes, even here in the Metropolis – voted Leave.
    Not one of your brighter posts. No coffee, or full English breakfast, for you.

  4. This is ridiculous. The referendum took place. Anyone who values democracy needs to just accept it and move on.

    I didn’t vote for the the mayor of tower hamlets nor London, I’m not lobbying anyone like a spoilt brat.

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