And they are off! Team Ohid Ahmed out and about in Chrisp Street market

Presumed candidate in the Lansbury by-election Ohid Ahmed and chums were spotted out and about in Chrisp Street market earlier today while other political parties were still scoffing mince pies.

Team Ohid Ahmed in Chrisp Street market.

One of our numerous two readers took the above photo while out searching for cut-price cheese football snacks in the sales.

Whatever your opinion of Team Lutfur Rahman Ohid Ahmed you cannot criticise their enthusiasm and hitting the streets of Lansbury faster than you can say “turkey curry anyone?”

If the Wapping Mole spots any of the other parties we will let you know, but it is highly likely they are still having strategy meetings while Ohid gets out and gets his votes.

Heard the one about putting personal differences aside?

Convicted fraudster and ex-councillor Shahed Ali proved he still has his legendary sense of humour by putting out the following appeal on social media.

“If the Lansbury ward residents want to beat Biggs Labour, then we should all unite behind one candidate. Ohid bhai* was Councillor of Lansbury and came 4th in 2018. I hope everyone understands who has the best chance of beating Labour. Please put personal differences aside and think of community benefit to fight Biggs.”

*Added to proper names to form an affectionate form of address to an older person.

Thanks for that Shahed, we particularly liked the ‘please put personal differences aside’ punchline! You’ve still got it! Let us know where your next stand-up gig is.

Elections in Tower Hamlets are defined by the petty personal squabbles, both old and new, which plague left-wing politics and ensure that whoever gets in power (Labour, Aspire, ‘Independent’ Group, Tower Hamlets First) the majority of councillors efforts will be devoted to scoring points off each other with only a vague nod to the needs of residents and that pesky running the borough thing.

But then we expect nothing more.

Moley still has no idea what party Ohid Ahmed now belongs to or which one has adopted him as a candidate.

If someone sees Lutfur Rahman get him to tell us will ya?

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2 thoughts on “And they are off! Team Ohid Ahmed out and about in Chrisp Street market

  1. Not surprising at the very least that you thrive in pro-Labour bias. Your story once again seeks to attack Ohid Ahmed and Lutfur Rahman, and myself about the forthcoming Lansbury by-election. Yet you completely amd intentionally mention nothing about the very reason which has triggered this by-election? Fresh allegations of serious housing fraud by the now former Labour group councillor has triggered election. He may still be a member of the Labour party.
    Does not do credit to your blog.

    1. ‘Pro-Labour bias’? Seems you are reading another blog Shahed, when you work out which one it is let us know! Happy New Year! Pip pip!

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