London Mayoral Election 2020 – Liberal Democrat candidates

This is the second in our two-part look at the various candidates for the London Mayoral Election which will be held in 2020. You can read about the Conservative and Labour candidates here.

At the time of writing the Liberal Democrats had yet to pick their candidate for the London Mayoral race.

Their choices are from Siobhan Benita, Rob Blackie, Lucy Salek, and Dinesh Dhamija.

Siobhan Benita

Siobhan Benita

Siobhan Benita is a former Civil Servant who ran as an independent candidate in the 2012 Mayor of London election and did extremely well, getting close to beating the Liberal Democrat and Green Party candidates with 300,000 1st and 2nd preference votes.

Siobhan joined the Liberal Democrats on the morning of the incredibly stupid Brexit referendum result.

Rob Blackie

Rob Blackie

Rob Blackie is an economist by profession although his CV now states that he is a professional campaigner fighting Brexit (hooray!) and Fake News (yay!).

He lives in Brixton with his family.

Interestingly he headed the European arm of the digital team that helped elect President Obama.

If Rob is not selected for 2020 his digital campaigning skills are sure to be invaluable to whoever the Liberal Democrats do choose.

Lucy Salek

Lucy Salek

Lucy Salek is probably best known for fighting the Lewisham East Parliamentary by-election and achieving a 19% swing from Labour.

Quite why the Liberal Democrats thought that losing a by-election was cause for celebration is beyond us.

She is currently the director and founder of an organisation supporting the global aid and development sector and Chair of the charity Action for Refugees in Lewisham and has previously worked in the humanitarian aid sector for over 10 years.

Dinesh Dhamija

Last but not least is Dinesh Dhamija who seems, to us, to be very far removed from the cliched white middle-class Lib Dem.

Dinesh is a very successful businessman who started selling travel tickets from a kiosk in Earls Court tube station in 1980 and over a period of 24 years transformed the travel industry by creating eBookers.

In 2005 he sold it for £209 million.

Although not politically experienced Dinesh Dhamija seems to have the gravitas and hard-won experience that a Mayor of London would need.

This does not seem like a man who celebrates failure.

One to watch.

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