It’s back! Vitality Big Half 2019 Consultation Tuesday 16th October

Yes – it’s back! Sunday 10th March 2019 will see the wonderful spectacle of the Vitality Big Half Marathon take place! And guess what? Yep, there will be road closures in place.

Trouble is we don’t know which roads will be closed, let alone when. And we don’t know the route.

Update 16:51 12 October 2018

By some strange coincidence within an hour or so of publishing this story with the @BigHalfOfficial hashtag LW got an email from the organisers! Odd, innit? Here it is:

Good Afternoon Mark,

Thank you for your email.

The route still needs to be signed off by local authorities therefore, we are not in a position to be able to send this to you at this stage. However, we will have the provisional route on Tuesday night for residents to see.

We look forward to seeing you next week.

Kind regards,


So there ya go!
“Excuse me! Er… excuse me please! Excuse me!”

There will be a consultation this year with London Marathon Events and Tower Hamlets Council at the Ensign Youth Club, Wellclose Square (off The Highway) London E1 8HY between 18:30 and 20:30 on Tuesday 16th October.

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In your dreams

Maybe the precise road closures will be revealed then? But… hang on! This is a consultation innit? So obviously the race organisers would never dream of just telling us what roads are going to be closed before they listened to us.

Would they?

Wapping High Street all spruced up for the Big Half Marathon 2018

Ignored as usual

Leaflets have been delivered about the consultation to, well, who knows? LW stumbled across one during the week and emailed the event organisers at to find out about the route and road closures but we have yet to receive an answer.

Lessons will not be learnt

Remember last year’s shambles of an event featuring last minute trashing of Wapping High Street? Speed bumps ripped up and cobbled road surfaces hacked to bits?

A craftsman at work on Wapping High Street last year

We seem to recall the event organisers telling us after that fiasco that ‘lessons would be learned’ and that there would be a meeting between the organisers and local residents afterwards.

Did we miss something? Or did that never happen?

The Vitality Big Half Marathon event info page only has this about road closures:

Community access information

Additional access information for local residents and businesses affected by the road closures will be available to view ahead of Race Day.

Which is not helpful at all. Road closures will be announced in January 2019 apparently.

Big Half runners making the most of Wapping’s narrow pavements

Ask questions

So please pop along to the ‘consultation’ on Tuesday, email or call 020 7902 0200, ask some questions then tell the rest of us. Our feedback will be valued apparently.

Which is nice.

No doubt our ward councillors are already on the case with this issue. Aren’t they?

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