Celebrate the Thames with a free, family festival at Shadwell Basin Sunday 23rd Sept

Tideway London are inviting everyone to a free, family festival at Shadwell Basin to celebrate the River Thames on Sunday 23 Sept Shadwell Basin between 10am-5pm.

The festival offers you the chance to try a range of sports taster sessions on the river with Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre (SBOAC) and find out about and help your river ecosystem and explore hundreds of years of history buried in the river banks.

Mike Wardle of the SBOAC tells us that the Thames barrier will be closed on Sunday so there will be no tidal flow and there will be activities in and around the foreshore, on the River, on Shadwell Basin, at the Centre and the Park next door.

All activities are free and there will be food and music as well.

To find out more and book a session visit www.tideway.london/foreshorefestival




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