Young people dice with death as they swarm over Shadwell Basin bridge

Video by local resident @nejafeja shows the bridge over Shadwell Basin being used as an outdoor climbing frame by a group of young people.

The video was taken on Saturday and shows five people climbing and crawling over the bascule bridge from Brussels Wharf.

People climbing over Shadwell Basin bridge

Another resident said that the people involved “seemed very organised and very well prepared”, with others suggesting they might be part of a free running or parkour group.

LW Comment

As a direct result of the failure by the authorities to deal with the swimming related Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) at Brussels Wharf during the recent heat wave it seems word has gone round that anything goes at Shadwell Basin.

Someone will fall off the bridge and soon.

Group of people climbing over Shadwell Basin bridge

If they fall on to the road they are very likely to be run over by a passing vehicle in addition to any injuries sustained from the fall. Worse they might cause a serious road accident involving completely innocent drivers.

If they fall on to the water side and injure themselves on the way down they are likely to drown.

Let’s hope that this does not happen. Reality is that it probably will.

And as Shadwell Basin attracts more of this type of behaviour Brussels Wharf continues to be a no-go zone for people who just want to enjoy being outdoors and are capable of doing so without breaking the law or causing problems for others.

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