Whack-A-Mole, Quay 430 ASB, Rats, People Power, Fake Pasta & the Wapping Woodpecker

News In Brief 25 August 2018

Due to a random ’Whack-A-Mole’ incident in Cinnamon Street late Thursday afternoon our entire editorial team can now only type with one hand. So this week we will only be bringing you ‘News In Brief’ in a handy concise format as there has been a lot going on. We will expand on these stories when we can put our shoulder back to the grindstone.

Whack-A-Mole in Cinnamon Street

The entire LW editorial team were on the scene of the Wapping Mole being whacked in Cinnamon Street on Thursday late PM. After a stumble of epic proportions Moley could be heard to tell the large numbers of people who came to his aid that “I think I have just strained my paw”. Several hours later it was confirmed that the graze was in reality a right shoulder broken in several places. Oops.

Quay 430 Anti-Social Behaviour

Residents of Quay 430 in Kennet Street had a planning application (Planning Application PA/18/01321) to install a new key-fob control gate system refused. The application was an attempt to reduce the high levels of Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) in the area by locking out the ASB thugs who plague the off-road car parking spaces every night. Hopefully they will amend application and reapply.

Shadwell Basin Rats

Our enquiries indicate that it seems highly likely that the huge numbers of rats infesting the southern Shadwell Basin footpath were disturbed by an external contractor (not council’s Green Team or Bow Landscaping) being employed to savagely cut back the undergrowth in the area.

Shadwell Basin cleared undergrowth


Shadwell Basin cleared undergrowth


Shadwell Basin cleared undergrowth

This meant the rats were suddenly homeless and hence them running wild. After our report earlier this week poison was laid to kill the rodents so make sure you do not take your dogs for a walk there.

Raine’s House Waste of A Million Quid Victory

A fantastic victory on Thursday evening for Wapping residents over our amazingly inept Council. Christine Trumper led other local charity organisers in a bid to get the Raine’s House £1.3m refurbishment reviewed at the Development Committee – and won! Woo hoo! Many thanks to the inimitable Cllr. Peter Golds (Conservative, Island Gardens) for his help with this.

Not content with deciding to splash a million in cash the borough does not have on a community building most people in Wapping don’t know exists and only a few use, the Council have then done everything in their power to obstruct local charity Community Solutions, led by Christine Trumper, from turning the previously empty Children’s Centre in Chandler Street into a thriving community centre with 22 grass-roots organisations making enthusiastic use of the previously empty space.

Key to this f**kwittery is the issue of decanting one organisation from Raine’s House while the million quid was wasted on it’s refurb. One reason for this mismanagement was the council’s decision to allocate one member of it’s Asset Management Team to deal with Raine’s House and another member of it’s Asset Management Team to deal with Chandler Street despite them only being 41m apart (yes, we measured it.)

One battle does not win a war but Thursday’s victory shows that people power is alive and well in E1W.

And LW is determined to find out the reason for the Raine’s House cash splash.

Bordello is just moving, not closing.

Wapping culinary legend Il Bordello is moving from its current location on Wapping High Street to new bigger premises in Metropolitan Wharf, just a ten minute walk away. The restaurant is not closing and will continue to provide huge portions of amazingly good food at great prices for any more years at its new home.

Another Italian restaurant is moving in to Bordello’s previous location but this has no connection with Bordello whatsoever.

Seems the new restaurant has been trying to trick loyal Il Bordello customers through its door by use of some ambiguously worded notices.

They had underestimated the loyalty of Il Bordello customers however ‘cos one put a more truthful sign up.

These have now been removed but we hope LW plastering the facts of the matter on the interwebs will help.

The one and only Il Bordello will be re-opening on 29th August in its new home of 70 Wapping Wall, Wapping, E1W 3SS – just follow that familiar garlic bread smell!

Shadwell Basin Bridge climbers

As it seems the authorities are quite content for Wapping’s heritage to be used as an outdoor gym by anyone and their dog the Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre is trying to identify some of the characters who have allegedly been causing criminal damage there. Please have a look at the photos below and contact info@Shadwell-Basin.org.uk if you recognise them.

Wapping Woodpecker seen

Probably the most exciting news this week is that the woodpecker previously seen in Wapping Woods has now been seen in a tree outside Willoughby House in Green Bank! Our Wildlife Rangers have yet to have the pleasure of seeing the woodpecker themselves but are on the case.

Well, they will be when they are out of hospital.

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