Tower Hamlets Mums join with Save Our Nurseries campaigners to continue their fight

Tower Hamlets Mums and Save Our Nurseries campaigners have been busy informing residents across the borough of the Labour Council’s plans to prioritise closure of Day Care nurseries.

Local support in Watney Market

Cllr. Rabina Khan (Shadwell, PATH)
Save Our Nurseries campaigner Cllr. Rabina Khan (Shadwell, PATH)

Campaigners joined local councillor Rabina Khan (Shadwell, PATH) in Watney Market to collect signatures from shoppers who were disgusted to hear that the Executive Mayor John Biggs had decided to close down the nurseries.

Residents wished campaigners well – in what is the third campaign in four years to keep this valuable resource up and running.

“We have had cross-party support as well as backing from many women who do not have a formal political affiliation,” said a spokesperson for Save Our Nurseries.

Children are not just for Christmas

“In the borough parks this summer we can see small children enjoying bouncy castles and soft play areas – getting fresh air, exercise and interacting with other children. But children are not just for Christmas – or the summer holidays. They need to develop all year round, and having good nurseries in Tower Hamlets is a vital part of investing in our citizens of the future.”

Women’s Equality Party help out in Bartlett Park

The Women’s Equality Party have also been helping out Save Our Nurseries campaigners as they talked to parents who had brought their children out for the day in Bartlett Park.

Parents were keen to support the Council having a Day Care service – pointing out that nursery classes and schools mainly offer care only for the school day and are only open in term time, which is of little use to working parents.

Scarcity of care provision on Isle of Dogs

Campaigners have also spoken to women at the Food Growing Network event on the Barkantine estate and to parents at the E14 Fun Day in Sir John McDougal Gardens on the Isle of Dogs.

Parents on the Island expressed their deep concern that childcare options were declining at the same time as ever more new homes were being built in the area.

They highlighted a local private nursery which had recently closed and also a “stay and play” facility in Millwall Park which had recently reduced its services – down from opening five days a week to just two days, and cutting back on the number of places available.

How to get involved

You can sign the Save Our Nurseries petition here.

And you can read the Save Our Nurseries guide to filling in the Council consultation (which includes a link to the consultation) here.

For more information contact Nouruja Rahman on 07989 412 118 or email

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