Council’s Day Care Nurseries closures consultation now live

The Council’s Day Care Nurseries consultation is now live and awaiting your input. You can access it here. 

The consultation is about the future shape of childcare in the borough and proposed closure of three of the local authority day care nurseries.

Consultation now live

The consultation launched today Thursday 19 July 2018 and will run until Monday 10th September.

Please share your opinions about the proposals via the consultation, which is available on the council’s website.

In addition to the online consultation residents affected by the proposal will be able to tell the Council what they think in person at events that will be attended by a relevant elected representative.

Dates for these events will be announced as soon as possible.

Click the image to visit the consultation page

Current plan for nursery closures

Under the Council’s current plan Mary Sambrook Day Care Nursery would not reopen in September 2018, followed by the closure of John Smith Day Care Nursery in December 2018 and Overland Day Care Nursery at the end of the summer term 2019.

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