Second consecutive weekend Wapping lock-in for London Triathlon

Wapping is to be locked-in the weekend after next on 4-5th August for the London Triathlon as well as this coming weekend 29th July for Prudential Ride London.

To be clear this means lock-ins for two consecutive weekends. Next weekend and the one after.

Unfortunately there is a distinct lack of details as to what roads will be closed and when on the London Triathlon site.

But hey we just live here.

London Triathlon

To quote the London Triathlon site “ROAD CLOSURES ON 4th – 5th AUG 2018. To ensure the safety of large numbers of triathletes taking part in the AJ Bell London Triathlon, road closures will be in place over the weekend of 4th and 5th August 2018. We have worked closely with Transport for London (TfL), the Metropolitan Police and all relevant councils in the planning of these closures to ensure we keep disruption to a minimum.”

Really? Very generous.

Whose disruption are you minimising? Your corporate sponsors? The triathletes? ‘Cos it sure ain’t the residents and business people of east London.

Details matter

Maybe you and the Prudential Ride London people and the GLA and TfL and Tower Hamlets Council might actually realise you keep on missing one teeny weeny detail when you organise your events.

You keep on organising them in isolation of any others. You don’t check the previous weekend or the next weekend to see if there happens to be another event – sporting or otherwise – that is going to cause mayor inconvenience to thousands of people across Tower Hamlets before you organise another one.

Which means you lot are either incompetents, you don’t give a damn about residents or both.

Which is it?

Expect more promises from politicians right now

The last time this happened didn’t some politician or other say how they were going to work with Santa Clause and the Elves who live down the bottom of the garden to make sure this doesn’t happen again?

It must have been Santa and the Elves ‘cos they sure ain’t been talking to anyone in authority.

And nobody has been talking to us.

Official Sponsors London Triathlon 2018

If you would like to get in touch with any of the official sponsors for the London Triathlon 2018 we have compiled a handy list of their website below.

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