Recall elections for bone idle local authority councillors

Don’t bother reading this, instead see this report in the Evening Standard ‘Idiotic’ bather filmed plunging 40ft from bridge into Shadwell Basin and watch the video. Come back and read the rest of the story if you think it is worth the effort.

Our reason for suggesting you do not bother reading LW’s story is because we, like other Wapping and Shadwell residents, are routinely ignored when we bring up issues with Tower Hamlets council.

A sloth doing not a damn thing.

Like the problem with swimmers in Shadwell Basin. Two weeks ago a resident contacted LW about this issue. He was frustrated by the apparent lack of interest by the council in properly managing the swarms of swimmers who invade Shadwell Basin during the heat wave.

LW emailed the council on 27th June asking if they were doing anything about it?

LW never got a response. The resident never got a response.

So why do any of us bother? Maybe the entire council has dozed off in the hot weather? Or has every single one of the Town Hall’s several thousand employees and elected representatives gone to the coast at the same time? Brighton probably.

A more likely reason is incompetence and complacency.

Since the election we have had many residents from different parts of the borough tell us that they had voted for the Labour candidate who had subsequently won in their ward only to now be completely ignored by their brand new Labour councillor when they had a problem.

Blocked gutters

Leaves blocking the gutter of the roof of your Tower Hamlets Homes building in Wapping? Good luck getting your newly elected councillor to sort that out. To add insult to injury this resident urged others to vote Labour. Charming.

Fires aplenty

Fires being routinely lit in your social housing block in Bow? Guess what? – tough. Another new elected Labour councillor who does not seem to give a damn about residents safety. There again it seems neither did the previous one.

Votes got, that’s your lot. (A community volunteer and LW advised them to go and visit their local fire station and ask them round to check the building out.)

Which brings us back to Shadwell Basin and the Evening Standard story.

Shadwell Basin bridge

Maybe now this has received some extra publicity Tower Hamlets council might get off their big fat behinds and do that whole ‘local government’ thing. Or maybe not.

Local residents have been trying to get this sorted since last summer.

Recall elections for bone idle councillors

In the USA there exists something called a ‘recall election’, a procedure whereby voters can remove an elected official from office before that official’s term has ended if they are perceived to be not properly discharging their duties.

This is not a new idea, seems the Athenians first came up with it.

So maybe we should have the same system in Tower Hamlets? If your local councillor has been ignoring your problems since getting elected with your vote then residents could start a petition for a recall election.

This will never happen of course. Our borough is only capable of implementing the existing electoral system with the help of several hundred police officers.

Moley’s Complacent Councillor Competition

LW is thinking of having a ’Complacent Councillor Competition’ instead. Residents tell us about the problems with their elected representative (we use the term very loosely of course) and we investigate and publish them. Great idea but not something we can afford to do in all honesty.

Or how about we publish league tables for every councillor in the borough to show how much work they are doing? No, not the number of committees they attend, something else. A real indicator of what they do?

We have an idea and have passed it to the Wapping Mole for investigation as it is a little sneaky to be honest. Moley does sneaky well. And keeps secrets.

Stunned Sloths

In the meantime dear resident if your elected councillor makes a stunned sloth look energetic please do let us know. We can’t promise to do that much about it to be honest as we need to concentrate on earning a living for a while.

But at least we are not going to lie to your face by telling you what wonderful things we will do if elected then ignore your problems as soon as the votes are in.

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2 thoughts on “Recall elections for bone idle local authority councillors

    1. Quite the opposite Lesley. All three examples are based on fact, genuine problems that residents have which they need help with I did not name names to give the councillors concerned a chance to do their jobs properly. If they don’t then we will be naming them, after giving them a right to reply of course.

      Since publishing this post we have also been contacted regarding another councillor whose approach to residents issues is almost beyond belief. Just waiting on documentary evidence for that one and we will be naming and shaming that councillor without the slightest hesitation – any excuses provided should be fascinating to read.

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