Police taser hooded thugs in Cable Street after multiple stabbing

Tower Hamlets police were forced to use tasers to break up a large fight in the vicinity of St George’s Town Hall in Cable Street E1 last night. Three people were stabbed, several arrests were made and acid was seized by police during the incident.

Three stabbing victims

Events started just before midnight on Saturday 21st July when multiple 999 calls were received by the police to reports of a large fight between numerous people near the old St George’s Town Hall and that two victims of a related stabbing had driven off in a car.

St George’s Town Hall Cable Street © Copyright Peter Thwaite

Police officers stopped the vehicle nearby and found two males aged 38 and 28 inside with stab wounds. Another 19-year old victim was discovered in Cornwall Street with facial injuries.

Knives and balaclavas

While dealing with the three stabbing victims further calls were received by police that a group of males armed with knives and wearing balaclavas were in Crowder Street.

Officers attended the location and found the incident to be of such severity that Taser stun guns were used and make arrests.

A total of seven adult males have been arrested for offences including GBH, Conspiracy to commit GBH, theft, possession of weapons, assaulting police and obstructing police.

None of the injuries received by the victims are believed to be life threatening condition.

St Georges Hall area taped off

A crime scene is in place outside 236 Cable Street next to the St Georges Hall (basement area) and is likely to be in place for the rest of Sunday.

One thought on “Police taser hooded thugs in Cable Street after multiple stabbing

  1. Cable street is rapidly becoming the scurge of Tower Hamlets. Every day I leave my Flat I find a steaming stream or urine and drug paraphernalia agains my lobby door . At least 3 times a week I catch people shooting up or passed out from doing hard drugs blocking my entry door.

    Gangs appear to have taken over the streets, with drug taking, ASB, intimidation, stabbings, racing their high powered cars at all hours, road fatalities, and more.

    Yet the council and police seem unable or unwilling to act.

    How many people must die or live in fear before we get Cctv and traffic calming?

    Shame on you LBTH and the Met Police. Shame shame shame!

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