Police searching for EDL thugs – please check photos and under local rocks

The Metropolitan Police have published photographs of some of the EDL thugs who allegedly caused violent disorder recently ‘cos they want a quiet chat with them.

EDL people the police would like to have a chat with

As usual with the EDL they allegedly caused violent scenes in central London on Saturday 9th June at an event to ‘Free Tommy Robinson’ because that is all they are capable of.

21 police officers were injured during the protest.

It makes Moley feel queasy just looking at these photos but hey, if you can keep your breakfast down while checking these faces it might help the police if you recognise any of them.

And do have a look under any local rocks or stones – you would be surprised what you can find.

EDL members can usually be found living under rocks or stones like this.

Anyone with information should contact the Metropolitan Police Public Order Investigations Team on 020 8246 0076. Alternatively, contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

For some odd reason Moley is reminded of the famous occasion back in 2011 when a coach full of EDL people was attacked in Mile End. 

The coach was transporting 44 EDL members back whence they came along Mile End Road when the coach broke down.


Anyone got 44 spare pairs of trousers?

Realising what was in the coach, within a few minutes approximately 100 local chaps proceeded to give EDL a proper East End Welcome by throwing bricks and various other missiles at it. Terrible.

Luckily for the EDL the police were, as usual, swift to turn up and rescue them and decant them onto a double decker bus.

Rumours that every single EDL member caught on the coach went wee wee and in some cases poop poop in their trousers were confirmed by the sheer quantity of urine that had to be washed from the battered coach later on.

If you search YouTube for this incident you may well find a video of the event.  Just saying.

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