Hottest Wapping Shindig ever! Exclusive video report from Wapping Green

It’s official! Yesterday’s Wapping Shindig was the hottest since records began* with the temperature in the shade reaching 34.2 degrees! LW sent our dedicated Weather Video Team, local residents Vickie Flores and Paul Kellaway, out into the sunshine to bring you this Special Report.

Amazing work undertaken under extreme conditions by two selfless residents of Wapping.

Wapping Health & Safety Thermometer unveiled

Some meteorologists might spot the teeny weeny detail of the temperature on the Wapping Hot Hot Hot Health & Safety Thermometer being in the sunshine – not the shade – but who cares?

It was hot!

And England won!

Wapping dogs Tess (left) and Rocco (right) making the best of the heat.

*Please note that records of temperatures at the Wapping Shindig have only been collected since yesterday.

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