Another Wapping lock-in Sunday 29th July courtesy of another insurance company

Yes folks its Wapping Lock-In Time! Next Sunday Wapping will be every so slightly cut off from the rest of the world (apart from the Overground) as a Well Known Insurance Company does its experiential branding event thing along The Highway.


This time instead of runners trashing their feet on Wapping’s cobbles it will be cyclists doing their bicycle thing in a wholesome and natural way but at least this will only be along The Highway so Wapping should be pretty quiet. Dead quiet.

You can find out details of road closures in East London by having a look at this PDF here and the table below.

Of course it is not just Wapping that will be locked-in next Sunday, most of the borough will be affected by the well-known life insurance companies bike thing.

Yawn. Does anyone read these things anymore? I mean we don’t read them and we write them.

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2 thoughts on “Another Wapping lock-in Sunday 29th July courtesy of another insurance company

  1. Just as heads up whilst not very well communicated the weekend after this lock in we have another one. The London Triathlon August 4 and 5.

    My understanding that will lock in the Bus route again, like it did last year on consecutive weekends.



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