Additional police on streets and Section 60 Order imposed after Cable Street stabbings

Tower Hamlets police have deployed extra officers to the Cable Street area and imposed a Section 60 Criminal Justice & Public Order Act (CJPOA) order in response to the possibility of further violence following the stabbings near St. George’s Town Hall on Saturday night.

Police on scene of stabbings Cable Street
Police on scene of stabbings Cable Street

The Section 60 CJPOA order is for the entire E1 area from 4pm today until 7am tomorrow morning and allows the police to carry out stop and search anyone as they see fit in order to prevent further violence.

MPS Tower Hamlets stated in a tweet this afternoon that the S. 60 Order “…is due to anticipated violence following recent incidents, to increase public safety, and allows officers to stop and search where appropriate.”

Section 60 CJPOA orders are not imposed lightly and are subject to the following criteria:

  • Only a senior police officer (in the Met a Commander or above) can authorise a S.60 order
  • Duration of initial authorisation is limited to a maximum of 15 hours
  • Any extension is limited to a maximum of 9 hours (so maximum duration is 24 hours)
  • Relevant community members must be informed in advance where practicable
  • The authorising officer must reasonably believe that violence will take place rather than may take place.
Area affected by S.60 order

Two stabbings, seven arrested

St. George's Town Hall, Cable Street
St. George’s Town Hall, Cable Street

Two non-fatal stabbings have taken place over the past three days (21-23 July) in Shadwell after the victims of a knife point robbery traced and confronted the suspected perpetrators and were assaulted.

This escalated and following a significant police response seven males were arrested and weapons recovered. Four of the males arrested have been bailed, three remain in custody.

The police also seized a vehicle used by the suspects from which assorted weapons were seized.

Another stabbing, another arrest

Subsequent to these incidents in the early hours of this morning (23 July), another male was assaulted with a knife by suspects in a silver vehicle. One suspect has been arrested and a car recovered in which knives were found by police.

Additional policing resources have been deployed to provide reassurance on the streets and these will be concentrated on the south west of the borough – Shadwell, Limehouse, Whitechapel and Mile End.

The S.60 Order will be reviewed at 7am tomorrow (24 July), to see if it needs extending.

Council to provide additional youth outreach

In addition to the increased police presence the Council states that it will be providing outreach to young people in the area over the coming days and will be working with youth service providers to support them.

“We are aware of community concern regarding the two incidents in Shadwell over the weekend,” said DCI Mike Hamer of MPS Tower Hamlets.

“We have made a number of arrests in connection with these already and will be providing a high visibility presence in the area this evening and in the coming days. This is to carry out stop and search activity and to provide reassurance to the community”

“Are we doing enough to address youth violence?”

Cable Street, Shadwell, E1
Cable Street, Shadwell, E1

“The Shadwell ward police work well with local Tenants Resident Associations (TRAs) and other community groups but the police cannot deliver targeted youth work and gang mediation,” said Cllr. Rabina Khan, the local councillor for Shadwell.

“Last night on my road a young man was involved in a stabbing. The escalation of violence in recent weeks and the events in Cable Street over the weekend calls into question whether we as a borough are addressing youth violence in an effective way.”

“There is no fully resourced youth centre in Shadwell despite a number of TRAs, community groups, estates and families requesting this.

Tower Hamlets Council needs to target those who are at risk of becoming involved in Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) and crime, channelling them instead into positive schemes such as volunteering.

As a community if we change prospects for young people we can change lives.”

Residents welcome additional police

“Many of our residents have told me they welcome the additional police resources and we are working with police to reassure our residents,” said Councillor Asma Begum, Cabinet Member for Community Safety at Tower Hamlets Council.

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2 thoughts on “Additional police on streets and Section 60 Order imposed after Cable Street stabbings

  1. Can no-one be clear on who were involved for the general good of the community. Are we unable to describe either victims or villains ? Are we so tongue tied by political correctness that events are sanitised for our ‘safety’. Councillor R Khan referred, in her recent LBC interview, to the establishment ‘politicising’ these incidents. That surely is exactly what Tower Hamlets MPS have been accused of doing since the Lutfur Rahman era by failing to name and shame the perpetrators of local crime.

    1. Neither victims or villains have been described by us or any other publication because we don’t know and we are not in the business of guessing.
      We are also restricted to a certain extent by law. If the police provide us with description of suspects or photos (see the EDL post) then we will publish these.
      There is no sanitising of this issue for our safety or political correctness, all the facts we know have been published.
      Therefore I don’t see how any criticism of MPS Tower Hamlets or the Council or anyone else can be criticised.

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