School pupil abducted & released by unidentified man in St Leonards Road E14

At around 08.40 hours on Thursday 14th June 2018 an 11-year old pupil of Culloden Primary School reported that while on their way to school they had been taken against their will by a man in St Leonards Road, E14 and then released nearby after a short time.

Victim unharmed

Police were informed at around 10.45 hours attended the school in Dee Street to take details of the incident from the victim.

Officers remain in contact with the boy and his family.

The victim does not appear to have suffered any injury or harm as a result of the incident.

Have you seen this man?

A detailed description of the suspect has been obtained from the child who described him as being white, bald with a few hairs, blonde goatee, same colour eyebrows, blue eyes, yellow teeth and wearing a black knitted jumper and dark blue jeans.

Extra police patrols for local schools

MPS Tower Hamlets state that all local schools in the Poplar are being engaged with and additional Police resources will be deployed to the area today [Friday 15th June] and beyond as necessary.


Enquiries are ongoing.

Anyone who sees a man matching the description is asked to contact the police immediately.

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