Laughing gas canister dealers not bovvered by Council campaign

Photos taken by residents in Wapping show that the Council’s Nitrous Oxide – No laughing matter campaign is just a bit of a giggle to the people selling laughing gas canisters by the box load on our streets.

Faces have been hidden in case this little lot get nicked. Red arrow points to the large box containing lots of little boxes of gas canisters in case you missed it…

The photograph above shows one young man very busy indeed selling boxes of nitrous oxide canisters to his customers from a large brown cardboard box near London Dock.

And this photograph shows a group of boys sitting on the steps outside London Dock busy getting their ‘legal high’ from the balloons which they fill up with laughing gas from the canisters.

This photograph shows what we believe to be a delivery taking place of laughing gas canisters, again outside London Dock.

And of course we all know what happens then, don’t we?

Yep, they dump the canisters, balloons and empty boxes on the streets of Wapping.

And all the rest of their rubbish – including their disposable cups they have been drinking alcohol from – on the streets for someone else to clean up.

This photograph shows the scene underneath the bridge over the canal at Wapping Lane just by Tobacco Dock.

The resident who took the photo underneath the bridge has this to say about the current state of Wapping:

“Wapping is looking a bit down at heel at the moment because of all the rubbish everywhere…. it’s so sad because in some places there are wonderful examples of real community engagement,  the flower garden [on Vaughan Way opposite Waitrose] is wonderful.

Well said that person!

LW Comment

It is to those selling the gas canisters!

All the photographs above have been forwarded to the Safer Neighbourhoods Team (SNT) for their information – without the little orange boxes hiding these people’s faces of course.

We hide their faces because it might hamper any possible prosecutions – we would be more than happy to publish the photos ‘as shot’ so that they can all be named and shamed.

We do not blame the police for the continued problem of ASB in Wapping and the rest of the borough.

We do blame the people who voted for the political parties who do not believe that drastic cuts to the number of coppers on our streets will have no effect on crime rates (if that’s you remember this next time there is an election).

But we and other residents do blame the Council because all we ever get are the same old promises which never seem to have any effect whatsoever.

The Council has the responsibility for sitting in the middle of all the various agencies who can tackle ASB and getting them to work in an effective way.

It is blatantly obvious that the current approaches to tackling ASB are of little if any use. A different approach is needed. There is no point trying the same tactics if they do not work.

Think different as Steve Jobs said.

‘Cos thinking the same doesn’t work.

‘Think Different’ Apple logo.

Many thanks to the Wapping residents who took the time to take these photographs and send them to the Wapping Mole. 

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