King Henry Wharves Planning Inspectorate open for submissions

Wapping residents can now make submissions to the Planning Inspectorate on the proposed developments at King Henry’s Wharf, Phoenix Wharf, Swan Wharf and Brewhouse Lane off Wapping High Street.

You can make your submission on the Appeals Casework Portal – you have until 21 June.

Update 06 June 2018

Excellent comments by local resident Chris Jackson now added at bottom of page, please read. 

How many security men do you need to guard a hole in the ground? Quite a few it seems. Note: We would like to make it clear that the transit van on the left of the picture has nothing to do with the security guards or their activities.

It is always the little guy who has to follow the rules

Some residents are not at all happy about the manner in which this further investigation into a contentious planning application is taking place. Here is the view of one resident who will be directly affected by the work.

“As a general point I do take issue with this process in that residents (who have no huge (any) legal budgets and little free time, unlike both the Developer or TH Planning dept) have to meet the deadlines set.

Yet both the Developer and indeed TH Planning have both been allowed extensions to deadlines. This looks very bad for democracy, it seems the little guy is as always the only one who has to follow the rules.”

The freshly dug hole. In the ground.

Details previously sent to Tower Hamlets Planning team are meant to have been passed onto the Planning Inspectorate so residents do not need to restate what they have already submitted.

Land at rear of Brewhouse Lane site.

If you want to submit your comments by snail mail you need to user the Planning Inspectorate (not Tower Hamlets) Reference APP/E5900/W/17/3187063.

Land at rear of Brewhouse Lane site seen from Wapping Rose Gardens
Land at rear of Brewhouse Lane site seen from Wapping Rose Gardens

Points of Interest – especially bats

Some residents have already pointed out some particular issues such as:

  • A statement of site ownership was not submitted with the application.
  • The application states that there is no road diversion when the application clearly includes introducing a one way system on Brewhouse lane and traffic lights on the junction of WHS and Brewhouse lane. (And we are all aware of the total grid lock this will cause Wapping.)
  • It also seems that the current application has forgotten about the bats that live in some of the buildings. The site is known to have bats which are a protected species under UK and EU law.
Big eared townsend bat (Corynorhinus townsendii)
Big eared townsend bat (Corynorhinus townsendii)

No fox hunting with dogs in Wapping thanks

And on the subject of wild animals one or possibly both of our loyal readers may remember our report that the foxes that have lived on the empty land junction Wapping High Street and Brewhouse Lane were chased off the land by security men employed by the site owners with a dog.

The security team at Brewhouse Lane keeping a sharp eye out for moles. Well, not that sharp maybe.


We do like a nice Renault car photo.

Digging into our archives we found that doing such a thing might well be a breach of the Wild Mammals (Protection) Act 1996, and possibly the Hunting Act 2004 which banned hunting with dogs.

Anyone who witnessed the foxes being driven off this land by security men with a dog should report it to the police. One residents has already done so.

We are not sure if using dogs to hunt foxes in Wapping may in any way effect the planning application but we doubt if it is a plus point.

And even better we like photos of the signs in Renault cars which allow us to clearly identify the security company – Shearforce Security Services UK Ltd

Say hello to your new neighbours!

We think that everyone in Wapping should know who their neighbours are, especially when they have bought up several key buildings which are part of our shared heritage.

The ‘owner’ of the King Henry’s Wharf, Phoenix Wharf, Swan Wharf , Brewhouse Lane site is a company called Bridewell Thames which has as its registered address 3 Bunhill Row, London, EC1Y 8YZ – the address of City law firm Trowers and Hamlins.

The company officers of Bridewell Thames are mainly solicitors in – you guessed it – Trowers and Hamlins. We doubt these are the actual developers, more like trustees.

And there the ownership trail ends. Or does it?

When the Wapping Mole gets a moment to breathe he will tell you.

80% materials and waste transported on the river

Meanwhile here is an excellent piece of advice from Chris ‘Eagle Eyes’ Jackson which was submitted as a comment but is so good we have added it here. Chris has been tracking developments both on site and on paper and his help has been invaluable.

Take it away Chris!

“I would encourage residents to lodge their own comments with the Planning Inspectorate re this issue.

For me the biggest problem will be the transport disruption Wapping wide.

The current plan envisages using the current brown field site opposite Phoenix Wharf (for 2 years) as a site to store building waste, materials and plant/ machinery. The transport disruption modelling the Developer undertook only looked at disruption due to the “primary” delivery and extraction of these items.

It did not look at the disruption created by the continuous ferrying of those items from this storage site to the 3 River side building sites each time crossing Wapping High St.

A viable solution I believe we should press for is for at least 80% of all that building waste , materials, plant etc to be delivered by the River and stored on barges / a temporary pier on the River.

The Developer looked at this but argued it was not viable since it was more costly. They have only agreed to token river usage. The cost is of course higher but not large as a percentage of the profit the developer will pocket from this venture. Most (i.e. around 85%) of the housing being considered is high end luxury, that is £+1m, so the financial slack to pay for River transportation and storage is easily viable.

Of course there are other issues to raise, but the transport grid lock one for me is the largest problem. I have commented above to help other residents commenting if they just wish to cut / paste this comment and lodge with the Planning Inspectorate.

Kind regards

Chris Jackson”

Excellent points!

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