Wapping’s parks contaminated by Anti-Social Behaviour as summer arrives

With the election sorted Wapping’s residents are now looking to the new Labour council and in particular Cllr. Denise Jones and Cllr. Abdal Ullah to finally get to grips with the contamination of our green spaces by Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) as the hot weather returns.

Labour politicians have used the votes of Wapping to get elected – now it can earn them.

Say cheese for the camera boys!


Reardon Path ASB

LW is very disturbed to learn that yesterday a group of Bangladeshi youths (we identify them as Bangladeshi youths because they were – cue accusations of racism any second now 5…4…3…2…. ) caused a huge amount of trouble to residents living in Willoughby House and Vancouver House for several hours in the evening as they sat on a wall in Reardon Path using laughing gas, swearing at the top of their voices and generally making life miserable for everyone.

All sorts of things were dumped on the cars parked in Reardon Path.

At least one resident called 101 and the police arrived within 20 minutes but by that time the groups of youths had dispersed.

It seems likely that these may be the same people who have recently been urinating and defecating outside Willoughby House.

We wonder if they shit on their own doorsteps? Probably not.


We now have photos of some of those suspected of ASB outside Vancouver House – do you recognise any of them?

Wapping Gardens ASB

Another group of Bangladeshi youths took over a bench at the entrance to Wapping Gardens right next to the childrens’ playground and again used laughing gas and enjoyed using every variation of the F word and the C word at the top of their voices. 

One resident who lives opposite was on the verge of confronting this particular group but was very sensibly persuaded not to by her young daughter.

The bench in question is also over the road from St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Green Bank.

“They would not dare do the same outside the mosque in Prusom Street, so why is it OK for them to do it outside St. Pats?” asked one resident.

Another resident said that it was no wonder that there was a stabbing in Green Bank last week if kids could get away with this sort of behaviour without fear of punishment.

Hermitage ASB

No doubt Hermitage was plagued in a similar manner last night and residents woke (if they managed to sleep) to their roads carpeted with those nasty shiny laughing gas canisters.

LW Comment – no more excuses, get it fixed

SKD & Wapping residents do not want any more meetings about ASB – they want action.

SKD & Wapping residents do not want promises made by politicians that are never kept.

SKD& Wapping residents are not interested in excuses from those supposedly in charge.

SKD & Wapping residents are fed up with having their green spaces made no-go zones as soon as the nice weather arrives.

Residents want action and they want it this day.  Residents want politicians to deliver on the promises they made on the doorsteps last week.

And residents want long term fixes, not short-term fixes that last a couple of days.

Imagine what it was like to be living on the ground floor of Willoughby or Vancouver yesterday with this going on right outside your window? This is inexcusable.

In the meantime we urge every resident who sees ASB to ring 101. We know it takes ages for the phone to be answered. We know the police may well not have enough resources available to respond promptly. But ringing 101 is what we are told to do so that is what we will do.

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