Vancouver House ASB Photo Special – their mums will be so annoyed

Further to our earlier post about the intolerable level of Anti-Social Behaviour in Wapping it is our great pleasure to bring you the first LW ASB Photo Special!

Can you identify any of these people?

All photos courtesy of a Wapping resident. Please do have a look, if you can identify any of this lot please inform the police on 101.

ASB Vancouver House Yard #1 – seems to be enjoying a refreshing beverage.


ASB Vancouver House Yard #2


ASB Vancouver House Yard #3


ASB Vancouver House Yard #4 – nice shades man!


ASB Vancouver House Yard #5 – probably ringing his mum to tell her he won’t be home for dinner.

Like they say, a photo is worth a thousand words.

All the above photographs were taken in the yard of Vancouver House, Green Bank, Wapping E1W yesterday 5th May 2018 and are cropped from the original images.

Please do NOT attempt to take photos of ASB or any other potential offence. It is not worth becoming a victim for a photo.

Always call 101 with a description of any suspects and ask for a reference at the end of your call. The police can send a text with that reference to your mobile phone.

If any people found to be indulging in ASB live in Tower Hamlets Homes properties we understand their entire family can be kicked out.

Seems fair.

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