Tower Hamlets mayoral and local elections 2018 results live blog

Latest news of the Tower Hamlets mayoral and local elections 2018 results updated throughout the day.

9.20 pm Canary Wharf results

Wins for Labour and Conservatives in Canary Wharf

8.05 pm Canary Wharf recount

Too close to call in Canary Wharf it seems, one of the most fiercely contested wards, so a recount is underway.

6.58 pm BBC

Oh dear. It’s not going to happen again is it? Tower Hamlets one of only two London boroughs not to have declared according to BBC News.

No more ward results until 8pm at the earliest.

4.33 pm Ward results coming in (extremely slowly).

And the winners in the wards are (by chronological order of announcement):

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2.32 pm Thanks Buster!

Buster does look a little fed up, doesn’t he?

12.41 pm Biggs smashes opposition to win Mayoral race

John Biggs remains Mayor of Tower Hamlets with a resounding majority. Although not winning on first preference votes alone he came very close – 48.43%.

One happy Mayor! File photo. Photo credit: Vickie Flores/LNP

The rules state that if no candidate gets 50% on first preference votes then second preference votes are counted.


CandidateParty1st Pref%2nd Pref%Total
John BiggsLabour37,61948.43%7,24665.81%44,865
Rabina KhanPeople's Alliance of Tower Hamlets (PATH)13,11316.88%3,76534.19%16,878
Abul Monsur Ohid AhmedAspire11,10914.30%
Anwara AliConservative6,1497.92%
Elaine BagshawLiberal Democrats5,5987.21%
Ciaran Alasdair JebbGreen3,3654.33%
Hugo PierreTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition7280.94%

Statement from Mayor John Biggs on his re-election

I am delighted to have been re-elected Mayor of Tower Hamlets. We achieved a great deal since I was elected in 2015 and I am humbled that the people of Tower Hamlets have put their faith in me again.

“When I started my first term I inherited a council in chaos, but we have already made major progress over three years.

“We are on the way to delivering 1,000 new council homes, have got over 5,000 residents into work or training through our WorkPath scheme, funded additional police officers to make our streets safer, and cleaned up our streets.

“Along with my new cabinet I look forward to implementing my ambitious manifesto. I have moved Tower Hamlets away from the turmoil of the past, towards a council focused on delivering high class public services for our residents and this will continue to be my focus over the next four years.”

“This is a great vote of confidence in John Biggs and his leadership,” said one Labour supporter. “Loving that the Tories only got 6,000… nice of them to lend us their votes!”


You can find the official results for the Mayoral election here. 

The count for the individual wards will begin at 2pm today.

10.25 am

Tweet from council states that as no candidate has more than 50% of the votes there will be a second preference count between John Biggs and Rabina Khan.

Going by the 2015 elections this should not take too long.

No word on Lutfur Rahman Ohid Ahmed.

This is no surprise, what would have been a surprise would be any of the candidates winning outright on the first preference votes.

10.19 am

This from the ever knowledgeable Cllr Andrew Wood on the turnout figures. We would hope ‘large groups near polling stations’ were moved on by police?

Update 9.25 am

From our Special Correspondent at the ExCel centre “No idea at all about final result but Biggs looking more positive”.

Update 9:17 am

The turnout for the mayoral election was 41.96%, which has increased from 37.73% at the mayoral by-election in 2015 according to Tower Hamlets council.

Update 7.45 am

At the time of publishing there was still no result of the 2018 mayoral election in Tower Hamlets.

The count is being held at the ExCel Centre in neighbouring Newham under unprecedented levels of security.

For those desperate for the latest updates try Sylhetor TV via their Facebook page where local news legend Mike Brooke of the East London Advertiser was one of the many commentators giving their opinion during the night.

East London Advertiser’s Mike Brooke being interviewed by Sylhetor TV at the ExCel centre.

You can follow Mike on Twitter: @ELAdvertiser

We will bring you the results when we have them.

According to Mike Brooke counting did not start until 4.30 am and a result due around 8.30 am.

What’s in Wapping is also at the count making sure that all animals present are properly documented.

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5 thoughts on “Tower Hamlets mayoral and local elections 2018 results live blog

  1. With news of this being between Khan and Biggs

    I as a Labour supporter, am starting to get worried that many of Ohids suporters would have voted for Khan as second choice as tge bengali community will want one of their “own” as a Mayor

  2. Does getting the LoveWapping on to Google News mean that you can now “blag” your way into the Count? Or do you have legit ID? 😉

    1. You really do like seeing your name online don’t you? Ted Jeory is far more tolerant of anonymous posters than we are. Think it might be time to fully enforce our ‘Anyone posting comments has to clearly identify themselves’ rule. FYI we have always had proper media accreditation. You might want to try it sometime. Well, try at least.

  3. See for past turnouts re Mayoral Elections.

    Cllr Wood is referring to the 2014 election – but I thought the theory was the 2014 election turnout was somewhat “inflated” – hence the Election Court etc.

    The more relevant comparison is 2015 which was the rerun Election after the 2014 election was declared void (i.e. there was more careful scrutiny of exactly who was voting)

    This had a turnout of 37.73% – which means this time round that’s an increase of c.4.5%

    So you were right first time!

    1. Your comment makes little sense but we have approved it anyway. FYI we are not too fond of people who do not have the guts to identify themselves when posting comments. You might want to post under your real name in future.

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