Rotherham peer Lord Ahmed spotted out and about campaigning for Ohid Ahmed

Rotherham peer and former Labour Party member Lord Ahmed was spotted out and about campaigning for Ohid Ahmed in Tower Hamlets earlier today.

Lord Ahmed was suspended from the Labour Party in 2013 following allegations of anti-semitism.

Lord Ahmed, who is from Rotherham, reportedly blamed a Jewish conspiracy for a 12-week prison sentence he received in 2009 texting while driving and killing 28-year old Martin Gombar on the M1 motorway.

This sentence was changed to 12-months suspended on appeal and Lord Ahmed only served 16 days in prison.

After initial denials the peer later admitted in an interview with the Huffington Post that he had made the remarks in question and apologised to the Jewish community, saying that his words were “…completely wrong. Unacceptable.”

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