Island Gardens group ask candidates to support Calder’s Wharf enquiry

The Friends of Island Gardens Group campaigning for an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the Calder’s Wharf development on the Isle of Dogs are asking election candidates for their support.

Bottom line with Calder’s Wharf is that the land may still be owned by London Borough of Tower Hamlets (LBTH), and may also still carry a restriction of being Greater London Parks & Open Spaces.

So the Group don’t understand why a developer has been allowed to build on it.

View of Greenwich from Island Gardens


Help save Island Gardens from development

The Friends have prepared a briefing document on the issue which can be downloaded here [PDF]. that they are sending out to candidates.

They will be letting voters know which candidates support the call for an enquiry – and of course those who do not.

You can read the text of the email from The Friends of Island Gardens group below.

Briefing paper on Calders Wharf & Island Gardens

“We’ve prepared a short briefing paper for you about the issues we’ve been fighting in Island Gardens and we would like your support.

It concerns a development adjacent to the Gardens called Calder’s Wharf, where we believe serious mistakes were made in granting planning permission.

We’re asking for your public support now and, in calling for the council to conduct a proper investigation into exactly what happened and why, rather than merely defending actions of Council Officers of the past.

Our aim is to get a commonsense outcome for the community, that publicly acknowledges any mistakes that were made and ideally, restores open space on the land, perhaps with a low-rise community centre or cafe or sports facility as replacement for the one demolished.

Why you might like to support this

Calders Wharf, may well be one of the harder developments to fight, largely due to the difficulties and time elapsed while we’ve worked out what happened. But the community deserves your support because Calders Wharf is unique in being adjacent to a Grade II listed park, loved by locals and visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. As such, we know that this particular issue has captured the hearts and minds of the community far more than other developments have. A success or even a partial success here, would be quite symbolic in saying no to poorly thought out developments in Tower Hamlets that cause the local community to suffer under the impact of overcrowding.

It’s time the government stopped pressurising Tower Hamlets to take in ever increasing numbers of new residents, when the area is suffering from record levels of over-development already.

What happens next?

We’re going to be telling our members and locals (via our Social Media channels and large mailing list) about the candidates who have agreed to help us fight. This will happen tonight, tomorrow and Wednesday. Possibly on Thursday too.

How to get involved

Just reply to us at saying you support us (in the three ways outlined in the document). And we’ll let the public know that parks & community and saying “no” to bad developments are what matter to you.”

LW Comment

Using an election to gain support from politicians – and generate publicity like this post – is a very smart move by the Friends of Island Gardens team.

Stinking to high heaven

LW has not covered the Calder’s Wharf issue as much as we would like due to a lack of resources, but what we have found is that the whole thing stinks to high heaven.

Is may be perfectly innocent stinking of course. But nobody will know until there is a proper investigation into the issue.

Island Gardens is one of the most glorious places in our borough with a superb view over the Thames of Greenwich.

Island Gardens needs protecting and the Calder’s Wharf developing needs investigating.

If an election candidate does not support the call for an investigation potential voters should ask themselves why not?

LW fully supports the call for an investigation into the Calder’s Wharf development (but then we ain’t up for election).

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