Calling 101 to report ASB in Wapping does work and here’s how

Despite rumours to the contrary calling the police via 101 to report Anti-Social Behaviour in Wapping ASB does work and Moley was witness to a textbook demonstration of the whole process this afternoon.

Photo of ASB suspects being questioned and searched by MPS Tower Hamlets
ASB suspects being questioned and searched by MPS Tower Hamlets response teams this afternoon. Photo courtesy of Moley. All Mole rights reserved.

Three green bottles sitting on a wall

As one, possibly both, of our regular readers will have noticed we have run two stories about ASB today here and here.

Moley was wandering home along Green Bank this afternoon when he noticed that there were three young gentleman sitting on a wall outside Willoughby House swearing, inhaling laughing has from balloons and generally making life miserable for residents.

And they seemed oddly familiar…

If one green bottle should get done for ASB…

Taking a seat where he could observe but not be seen Moley dialled 101 and was almost immediately put through to the operator. Basic details were given and the distinct possibility that these three young men about town were the same young whippersnappers who were causing grief the previous day. In the same place. At the same time. In the same way.

The police 101 operator told Moley that a unit should be attending so our very own subterranean lifestyle lover settled down to wait.

First he fed the squirrels some nuts of course as Moley was on their territory. Nobody messes with the Wapping Squirrels.

Tufty Tuft, Nut Housing
Never mess with Tufty Tuft, King of the Wapping Squirrels

As he waited in the sunshine Moley could hear the clink clink clink of laughing gas (NO2) canisters being discarded onto the road every thirty seconds or so and could see red and green balloons being blown up.

No more than ten minutes after his call Moley saw a MPS Tower Hamlets patrol car driving down Green Bank. Hurrah!

Laughing gas littering our streets – file photo

After a brief chat the officers pulled into Reardon Path and began to ruin the afternoon of the three people in question. The officers did so very professionally and with the utmost patience but ruin their afternoon they did.

There will be two green bottles sitting on the wall

And it was a pleasure to watch. Poetry in motion.

Firstly the police officers asked the three wall sitters exactly what they were doing although they were just being polite as the road was littered with boxes of ‘creamers’ both empty and full (laughing gas canisters are used for making cream by the catering trade) and numerous empty balloons.

One of the three ASB suspects was, to his credit, apologetic. The other two were not at all apologetic and indeed displayed what is called ‘attitude’. Moley’s Top Tip: This is never a good idea when being questioned by the police.

Street cred zero

The ASB suspects had their particulars taken down (Oooh err missus!) and were searched. Never a good look when you are trying to look well ‘ard really.

At around the same time another two of Tower Hamlet’s finest turned up and then another two for good measure. Excellent!

The best bit was the last bit.

When the ASB suspects thought that they could just wander off they found they couldn’t – because the police officers made them clear up all the mess they had created!

Ha ha!

Twitching whiskers

Moley’s whiskers twitched aplenty as he watched this and, truth be told, had a good giggle.

Of the two ASB suspects with attitude one was giving the officers more attitude than was wise and received an ASB ticket for his pains.

The Wapping Mole wishes to make it clear that all he did was ring 101. At least four other Wapping residents were involved in different aspects of this little incident and many thanks to you all. We will not be revealing any details of how they helped to make sure they are safe but help they did.

The ASB dealt with in an extremely satisfactory manner the police officers left to attend to other duties leaving behind them a nice clean road and lots of happy residents.

So this just goes to show that dialling 101 can work and does work. Not all the time, not every time, but it can work so next time you see ASB dial 101 and report it.

And then there was another green bottle

Just to add to the fun and games the Molester also found himself on the of some verbal threats from another ASB Frequent Flyer who, for legal reasons, shall remain unidentified.

As a result of personal experience we know that this person has been at the centre of some of the ASB in central Wapping for years and he and his mates seem to think he will keep on getting away with it.

How wrong he is. Seems he keeps up with the news on Love Wapping so we hope he reads this.

While waiting for the police to turn up Moley heard someone shouting behind him and turned to see our favourite ASB person. When asked to repeat what he had said the response was something along the lines of that favourite ASB person would be getting his nephew to visit Moley.

And Moley does not think this would be a purely social call.

So within minutes Moley took the opportunity of standing in the middle of six police officers to make a formal complaint about this threatened ‘visit’.

After the main ASB incident was done and dusted Moley popped into the shops in Wapping Lane to get some fresh grubs for dinner and encountered the same person again.

Yet another threat of a social call to Moley, this time by ‘my braver’ was made not once, not twice but thrice.

Silly boy.

He also seemed to think it was unfair of Love Wapping to write a news story about his obnoxious behaviour and suggested we should have taken it up with him first.

Yeah, right.

So Moley will be adding these promises of ‘visits’ by yet more members of favourite ASB person’s family to the existing complaint.

Unfortunately for favourite ASB person he lives in a Tower Hamlets Home flat.

And so we have every intention of engaging with Tower Hamlets Homes to ensure that he has to take his particular brand of ASB somewhere else. Far, far away would be ideal.

Call Moley vindictive but we fail to see why someone who constantly causes grief to the community in which he lives should benefit from a nice council flat in lovely Wapping when there are lots of law abiding people on the waiting list.

So best you start packing your bags. No need to send us a postcard when you arrive at wherever you end up.

Another late supper for Moley

So dear reader this is why Moley was late home for his supper of delicious worm and grub stew this evening.

The Wapping Mole did nothing at all apart from dialling the magical 101 number. Tower Hamlets police officers did the rest and hopefully Tower Hamlets Homes will also do their thing.

So next time you see ASB happening dial 101. You too could enjoy watching as those who cause misery to residents and litter our streets are subject to due process.

Thanks once again to the Tower Hamlets officers who attended to this little incident in Wapping today.


Moley also understands that unbeknown to us it seems our favourite ASB person also got an ASB ticket from the police this afternoon for using a public park as his own musical arena. Oops.

Maybe that explains his bad mood?

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