Unchecked ASB in Wapping Gardens punctures election posturing

Six hours of unchecked anti-social behaviour (ASB) in Wapping Rose Gardens yesterday effectively denied one of Wapping’s green spaces to ordinary law-abiding people.

Despite repeated calls by a resident to 101 reporting the ASB there was no action by the Metropolitan Police or Tower Hamlets Council.

From one pm to seven pm the three suspects played loud techno music, enjoyed getting drunk (then drunker) while smoking drugs and, if previous behaviour is any guide, making lewd comments to any women who had the temerity to be in the park.

Moley paid a visit to Wapping Gardens today and guess what he found? Watch the video. And remember this is just one person.


Can you imagine what is what like yesterday with this guy and his mates?

“It’s their own personal park”

All Wapping residents should be grateful to local resident Davie Coleman who did his best to get yesterday’s ASB stopped but without success.

To make matters worse these same people have been indulging in the same type of anti-social behaviour in the same place for years.

LW knows because we have reporting them along with many others.

And nothing happens. Not. One. Thing.

ASB problem in Wapping has not changed

Both the Labour party and the Conservative party are campaigning on promises along the lines of ‘vote for us and we will sort out ASB!’

Which is obviously complete nonsense because Labour and Conservative councillors have represented Wapping at Tower Hamlets council for the last four years.

And the ASB problem has not changed one little bit. Not one iota.

Seems fair then to conclude that neither Conservative or Labour are capable of sorting out ASB so maybe their Wapping representatives should both be kicked out at the election?

Wapping residents do not know that the alternative candidates will be any better than our current councillors.

We do know that Labour and Conservatives are not up to the job because we just need to look around (or walk our kids in the park).

Here are St. Katharine’s Dock and Wapping choices

Local election candidates for St. Katharine's and Wapping ward

CandidatePolitical party
MAMUN Mohammad Abdullah AlAspire
MIAH AltabAspire
KING Neil AnthonyConservative Party
FINLAYSON Kirsty MirandaConservative Party
CROWSTON Robert EdwardGreen Party
JONES DeniseLabour Party
ULLAH AbdalLabour Party
O`SHEA Stephen John RossLiberal Democrat
CAHILL Marie ElizabethLiberal Democrat
BEGUM MasumaPeople`s Alliance of Tower Hamlets (PATH)

One of our beautiful Wapping parks is taken over by three drunks who then proceed to turn it into a toxic environment completely unchallenged by those who claim to be in charge is proof of this.

Hermitage Gardens being turned into another ASB party and a no-go zone for residents after dark is more of the same.

The MPS can be thankful they are not up for election as well. Not attending an ASB incident for an hour or two is permissible, the police have to prioritise scarce resources.

Not attending an ASB incident for six hours is inexcusable. We hope our local policing ward panel will investigate this.

The MPS also tweeted that sometimes they send plain-clothes officers to reports of ASB so that is why the residents making the complaint had not seen them.


Seriously? Really? Tower Hamlets police should know better than to ask residents to believe this. Or that we would not ask this question: “Er… if a plain-clothes unit attended Wapping Gardens yesterday why did they not do anything?”

All the coppers LW knows would have sorted this ASB out in an instant, be they in uniform or not.

Vote different in local elections

LW urges residents across Tower Hamlets to do the same thing. Have the councillors who have been in power for the last four years done a good job? Have they changed your ward for the better?

Yes? Then vote for them.

No? Then vote for someone else.

Vote different people. Vote for change. Give other politicians a chance.

Voters need to ask themselves how many meetings they have attended when we have been promised action on ASB? What has happened? Not a damn thing.

LW for one has no interest in attending more meetings during the next four years which will achieve nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zip. Zero.

No bleating please

No doubt the wannabe politicians will be bleating as soon as they read this and various phone calls, emails and tweets will be coming our way.

Please don’t bother. We are not interested. You need to convince the voters, not us.

In Wapping there has been no change in ASB. Many think it has got worse. LW agrees.

If neither Labour or Conservatives councillors can get a grip on this then they don’t deserve the votes of a single resident.

Who voters choose to replace them is not our concern.

In the meantime if you see ASB in Wapping dial it in to 101. And keep on dialling it in until you get action.

You can also report ASB to the council on its Anti-Social Behaviour page (the link is right at the bottom).

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5 thoughts on “Unchecked ASB in Wapping Gardens punctures election posturing

  1. What would I like a councillor to do?

    1. Mobilise the LBTH council noise abatement team to enforce the law in Wapping Rose Gardens. Our council tax pays for an entire Community Safety team, and noise nuisance falls directly in their remit.
    2. Get the Community Safety team to identify the person responsible in the Rose Gardens; who is his landlord? Is he a LBTH tenant? Is he breaching his tenancy agreement by behaving antisocially? If he is, take action – that could be an Anti-Social Behaviour Contract, or in the final case it might even lead to eviction.
    3. Consider legal protection for the area – Newham and Waltham Forest have used Public Spaces Protection Orders very successfully to keep public spaces safe and accessible to everybody.
    4. If necessary, ask the council Community Safety team to collect evidence to support a CBO or court injunction to stop this person doing what he does. There’s loads of evidence online.
    5. Monitor and follow up complaints made to LBTH through their website https://www.towerhamlets.gov.uk/lgnl/community_and_living/community_safety__crime_preve/community_safety__crime_preve.aspx. Find out what action has been taken, and hold the teams we pay for through our council taxes to account.

  2. Can you outline exactly what you’d like a Councillor to do? They can’t direct individual police resources and we all know Tory cuts means there are less officers to deal with this sort of thing. Until there’s proper investment in the police this isn’t going to stop. And I’m afraid that’s not something in the power of the Council (who are also dealing with their own funding crisis).

    Until we are willing to pay more tax this is the situation. I for one would be happy to pay more council tax if I knew it was going to the police budget.

  3. I emailed mayor of London yesterday having walked through the closed roads in the city with van loads of police sitting doing nothing for hours just in case anything happened at heads of commonwealth do in city…. I suggested I understand they need to cover event but most of real crime sufferers are lucky to even see or hear from a police officer so maybe instead of lounging around in vans for hours clearly doing nothing they should be provided with iPads and phones and investigate real crimes and make more contact with victims whilst they wait….

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