SKD & Wapping election candidate – Denise Jones, Labour

What’s your name?

Denise Jones

Denise Jones – Labour

What do you do for a living?

I have an independent bookshop in Brick Lane – Brick Lane Bookshop. It’s a general bookshop specialising in East London History and Childrens Books. We hold author events at the shop and in schools.

Where do you live?

Cable Street. My house used to be in St Katharine’s & Wapping Ward until the electoral boundaries were changed.

What is your involvement with the SKD & Wapping community?

I am a Councillor. I have been a St Katharine’s and Wapping Councillor for 24 years.

Why should we vote for you? What difference will you make to SKD & Wapping?

I’m an experienced Councillor, was Leader of the Council [in other words] the Mayor, and I am Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Services. I’ve worked with residents to help solve hundreds of housing, ASB, planning, health and other problems.

Tower Hamlets has some of the worst child poverty in Europe. How would you and your party tackle it?

The Labour Party in LBTH has pledged to oppose Conservative underfunding under 5’s early years education. We’ll work to provide an affordable childcare places for families who need it and support for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). Many things – free school meals, breakfast clubs, health programmes to reduce obesity and tooth decay, and helping parents to find work. See our Manifesto for more than can be written here.

What’s the best thing about SKD & Wapping?

Community spirit, good primary schools and the history and heritage of Wapping.

Brexit: How did you vote?


Squirrel preferences: which are best?

I like both red and grey.

Favourite musical and why?

West Side Story.

Favourite childhood toy?


What superpower would you like to have?

Ability to prevent violent crime and provide a home for everyone who needs it.

Email contact?

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