SKD & Wapping election candidate – Abdal Ullah, Labour

What’s your name?

Abdal Ullah.

Abdal Ullah, Labour

What do you do for a living?

Public Relations consultant.

Where do you live?

Prusom Street, Wapping.

What is your involvement with the SKD & Wapping community?

I grew up in Wapping and have lived here 30 years. I am an active member of the community and my work spans 20 years. I was part of Local Area Partnership LAP 4, which made a number of improvements to the area, I initiated the lights along the walk way next to St Peters Church, the seating and green space next to Doughty Court west from Wapping Lane, improvements to Wapping Park when I was a councillor in charge of Environment, including upgrading the childrens play spaces and equipment and the introduction of CCTV in Wapping Lane & Wapping Woods, I lobbied for the new parking space on Watts Street and the small railing on the wall to stop youths parking up and sitting all night, I work across communities helping to bring together different faiths and residents, I host the annual Multi Faith Ramadan breaking of fast event and last year I helped to organise the Jo Cox memorial event at Hermitage park.

Why should we vote for you? What difference will you make to SKD & Wapping?

As an active and well known local resident with many years of public sector experience, I will use my knowledge, enthusiam and ideas to deal with issues with more focus. I will work to build stronger partnerships with the police, residents, council staff and the Mayor to deal with ongoing issues such laughing gas, drug dealing, joy riding and the rat run. I will work to get Wapping it’s fair share of resources, working with partners we will keep Wapping clean, green and safe.

What’s the best thing about SKD & Wapping?

Undoubtedly, it’s the people and the friendly community feeling. This has been my home for the past 30 years and now I have my own young children you can’t beat Wapping for its parks and open spaces.

Tower Hamlets has some of the worst child poverty in Europe. How would you and your party tackle it?

We will provide targeted support to families, including through our Early Intervention and Family Support teams, our WorkPath service, our benefits advice and Tackling Poverty Fund, our housing service, and continuing support to our strong voluntary sector and faith organizations We will support working families with older children by working with our schools to increase the number and affordability of breakfast and after-school clubs, and fund a trial expansion of school-based wrap-around care to include school holidays

Brexit: How did you vote?


Squirrel preferences: which are best?

Red squirrels.

Favourite musical and why?

I enjoy a good Bollywood movie.

Favourite childhood toy?


What superpower would you like to have?

Super Speed.

Email contact?

Public internet profile

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