Love Wapping finally gets listed in Google News (good news for all!)

Hooray! The Wapping Mole danced a little moley jig this morning in celebration of the fact that Love Wapping has finally been accepted for inclusion in Google News. 

“So bleedin’ what?” we can hear both our readers ask. Wos so great about that?

Google News logo

Well it may mean nothing to either of our readers (one is on holiday so technically it is just you) but it means a lot to us because getting listed in Google News means that anyone anywhere searching for the latest goings on in Wapping or indeed Tower Hamlets will now get the choice of viewing our content as well as the stuff from the usual suspects.

Screen grab of Google News search results

As you can see from the Google News screen grab above Love Wapping’s coverage of the recent assault on an Aspire candidate at Reardon House is now listed second only after the BBC News listing and above the East London Advertiser listing.

Screen grab of Google News search results

And in this screen grab you can see that if one of our glorious borough’s glorious voters seeks information on the candidates in the forthcoming Tower Hamlets elections they will be now provided with Google news search results from Moley’s very own paw.

Which gives Moley much satisfaction.

This has taken the Love Wapping Technical Team (Keeping The Website Going Division) quite some time to achieve as there are numerous technical and content hoops anyone, even a Mole, has to jump through first.

Our Tech Team are quite proud that they managed to achieve this without any investment in any of that nonsense Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) stuff.

That is a complete waste of money so don’t ever even consider paying money to some SEO shark to get your site ‘at the top of the search engine rankings’ because there is no short cut.

Mole hug!

The fundamental thing is to publish high quality content relevant to your readers on a regular basis. Simples!

Warm and fuzzy

So what’s in it for you?

Well obviously you get a lovely warm fuzzy feeling knowing that LW is actually not too shabby at what we do. Which ain’t worth a bean.

The really good news is that the issues and problems that LW covers – your issues and problems – will now be available to many more people all over the planet. Even Shadwell.

That in turn means that you dear reader have a louder voice.

Bad news for any naughty people is that their misdemeanours will also be more widely known. Oops! Sorry! (Not really.)

Moley is now going to do a little more mole jigging and then get back to work. As ever if you would like to help us continue to get better at what we do and so help you then please consider donating using the link below.

As we now compete with BBC News and East London Advertiser who have slightly bigger budgets than us we like to think we can safely say your donation will prove to be very good value for money.

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