2018 election guide to St. Katharine’s Dock and Wapping candidates

The results of the Love Wapping guide to St. Katharine’s Dock and Wapping ward councillor candidates are in!

Firstly very many thanks to Kirsty Finlayson, Abdal Ullah, Denise Jones, Neil King, Stephen O’Shea, Robert Crowston and Marie Cahill who made the time to answer our questions when they are super busy.

The candidates

And a big yahboo sucks to the three candidates who did not. This means that either Masuma Begum (PATH), Abdullah Al-Mamun and Altab Islam Miah (Aspire) are all shy or they don’t want your votes or they just could not be arsed. Whatever.

If they can’t be bothered we sure can’t.

So now you can find a little bit more about the candidates in our ward by having a look at their answers on their individual pages listed below in a nice neutral alphabetical order

We found the responses to be much more illuminating than the usual party political tosh very interesting leaflets we are all subjected to grateful to receive and hope you do too. We hope you find out more about the candidates as individuals.

LW has not edited any of the responses.

Squirrel vote collapses

Some answers are quite worrying however with a distinct preference for red squirrels over our local grey squirrels – there goes the squirrel vote!

Determined squirrel after nuts
Vote nuts!

Others are rather more serious – local resident Paul Kellaway allowed us to pinch his traditional hustings question of “What is your favourite musical and why?” which is always revealing.

Tower Hamlets having some of the worst child poverty in Europe is no laughing matter and we asked each candidate how they would they and their party tackle it?

Another key question – which may well have far more influence over the local election results than we realise – is how did each candidate vote in the Brexit referendum?

We hope you find our little exercise to be of use and remember that whatever your opinion on the candidates just get out and vote next week on 3rd May.

If you don’t vote then you have no right to complain about how our borough is run. It really is that simple.

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