Wapping turned into an outside toilet by Tobacco Dock music event

Bank Holidays traditionally bring wet weather but in Wapping drunken youths urinating in the streets make the pavements even damper.

Hospitality in the Dock

Residents have reported that there are numerous groups of very drunk music fans heading to the Hospitality in the Dock drum and bass takeover event at Tobacco Dock in Wapping Lane.


At midday other youths could be seen throwing up just outside Wapping Overground Station.


While they were busy others were urinating in the car port entrance of Gun Wharf, ignoring the toilets provided for their comfort outside the Carronade.

Toilets outside the Carronade, Wapping High Street


All this took place under the watchful eye of three event stewards who did nothing.

The Hospitality in the Dock event runs from midday today until 10.30 pm.

More vomit and urine to come

There is another music event at Tobacco Dock London tomorrow 31st March between midday and 10.30 pm when the Labyrinth Ibiza event brings ‘magical jungles and amazing underground music’ to Wapping.

Which is nice.

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LW Comment

We saw one of the dreaded white paper fliers with the teeny weeny typeface so small as to be unreadable on a bus shelter in Wapping Lane during the week.

Anyone see this event flier? If you did could you read it? If you read it would it make any difference?

On hearing what is going on in our streets (and along the gutters and eventually down our drains) we thought we would see what we could find out about this particular event.

Heading over to the License page on the Tower Hamlets website we discovered that it is now possible to search and view an online list of premises licences, personal licences and temporary events notices (TENs). 

Unfortunately this online list is useless. We spent some time clicking and searching and downloading anonymous PDF documents which all seemed several years out of date and found nothing.

Sorry about that.

Tobacco Dock is a great building and the current team have done an amazing job rejuvenating the Dock over the last few years.

Problem is that on a regular basis their good work is undermined by the piss heads who attend music events and don’t give a damn about Wapping. And yes we know that it is the event organisers who are to be held responsible for this.

Sound familiar? Yep, just like the Big Half Baked Marathon for the benefit of the brand known as Vitality UK. Our community gets used and abused and the views of local residents and businesses are ignored.

Wapping High Street being trashed for benefit of Vitality UK

Maybe it is a good idea to stop this before it all goes too far?

Sounds like an ideal issue to bring up with the next political canvasser who comes knocking on your door wanting your vote.

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