Tower Hamlets police impose premises closure order on Solander Gardens

Our Neighbourhood Policing Team have obtained a court Closure Order for communal areas in Solander Garden to give them greater powers to deal with ASB.

The Closure Order relates to the communal areas and waste disposal area of block 79-134 and block 135-137 Solander Gardens E1 0DF between 2nd March and 2nd June 2018.

Wapping residents will know Solander Gardens as the narrow street that is closed to vehicles which runs between the top of Wapping Woods up to Shadwell Station .

Location of Solander Gardens E1

Neighbourhood Task Force

“Due to the ongoing issues in the block which by definition are not necessarily offences in law on their own we have obtained these orders as a means to prevent people attending the location causing ASB without a legal reason to be there,” says Inspector Darren Baxter who runs the Tower Hamlets police Neighbourhood Task Force.

Detail from Closure Order map (click to view larger image)

“This gives the police greater powers in dealing with the issues and removing people from the location who shouldn’t be there and are causing residents problems.”

LW has not been informed of the precise nature of the ASB in Solander Gardens.

Glamis Road descending into darkness

Immediately after publishing this story LW received an email from well known Glamis Road resident Desmond Ellerbeck who is chairman of the Glamis Residents’ Association (a registered charity) and manager of the Glamis Hall community centre.

Des describes the terrible situation in Glamis Road.

“Residents are at breaking point fighting through gangs of youths who descend after darkness to give it large on our premises.

Surestart are being hit bad. They have break ins, criminal damage and intimidation of start and families.

Some residents have actually sold up, and others won’t venture out after dark du to these thugs.

I understand Glamis Road residents, many elderly and infirm, are being terrorised continuously by gangs who have access to the communal areas.

The area outside the hall shared with SureStart is subjected to nightly rave ups, urinating, drug taking, littering, criminal damage and attempted break ins.

This isn’t fair to residents, caretakers and those with genuine reasons to access our estate.

Please can we look into something similar? East End Homes won’t give us CCTV, but this might be an option….”

Any candidate seeking votes in the election should be asked what they are doing about this? They want your votes? Then they can fix serious problems like this.

LW Comment

Good luck to Inspector Baxter and his team in kicking ass and taking names as they help the decent residents of Solander Gardens to live their lives in peace without being plagued by the local (and not so local) thugs.

“Afternoon! Do you live around here sir?”

Moley did offer use of the LW Helicopter Gunship (pictured above) to help out but, as ever, it was pointed out to us that the use of this type of ASB deterrent is (a) slightly illegal, (b) the empty cannon shells make a mess of the road even worse than laughing gas canisters and (c) that ‘Death from Above’ is against the MPS community policing guidelines brand values.

On a more serious note the situation in Glamis Road is intolerable – we will be reporting on this soon.


3 thoughts on “Tower Hamlets police impose premises closure order on Solander Gardens

  1. I think the main issue we have is the gangs getting into outmr blocks, causing damage, leaving a mess and terrorising residents. This is usually done without the parents’ knowledge.

    I understand there’s a larger issue to tackle, but we want to feel safe in our homes and not have to pay to rectify the damage, trip on chicken and chips and slip n slide on urine soaked communal areas.

    Maybe the rush of fines, persecution or even worse, the embarrassment of Mum and Dad knowing about your antics, much of which are illegal, will make these yobs think..

    By not tackling these issues, we’re not helping the youths as well as their victims.

  2. I never really understand these orders – presumably they will just disperse out of the immediate area and and then another group of residents gets inflicted with it…

    1. What else can the police do? If they did not impose these orders they would be criticised, if they do impose them they get criticised for that too. The police should get our support.

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