Wapping & SKD Conservatives drag local campaigning into 21st century

Every day several times a day our extensive editorial team check all the main newspaper websites to see what is going on in the world that might affect Wapping. This morning they were surprised to see two familiar faces in a video advert playing before they could watch a great video of a cat open a door for its cat friend. 

OK, cat videos aren’t hard news but after the crap nonsense we have been dealing with this week they needed a break, OK?

Neil King and Kirsty Finlayson talk about the Big Half Marathon

Surprised – and a little confused. The cat video they sought was on a national newspaper site and our editorial team was not quite sure what was going on (Not difficult, Ed.) We wanted cats and instead we had got Kirsty and Neil of the Wapping and St. Katharine’s Dock Conservatives talking about the Big Half Marathon fiasco!


Al-Jazeera? Sky News?

Had Neil King finally got that job with Al-Jazeera he had been after for so many years?

Had Kirsty Finlayson been snapped up by Sky News only a short time after becoming a legal professional type legal person?


Facebook Ads

It seems that Wapping and St. Katharine’s Dock Conservatives (other political parties are available) have not only been making videos to get their message across to voters but they have also been smart enough to pay for Facebook Ads to put their videos in front of people living in Wapping who were interested in politics and local issues.

Like us!

You can watch the Wapping Conservatives video on Facebook here. 

This approach is very effective, precisely targeted and ridiculously cheap.

Vote Pauline Lockie!

While the Wapping and St. Katharine’s Dock Conservatives video is good the best example of video being used for local politics is by friend of LW Councillor Pauline Lockie which is just plain excellent.

Councillor Pauline Lockie (Inner West Independent) shows how to do a local politics video

Professionally produced, good sound, good post production. Top work.

You can watch Cllr. Lockie’s video on Facebook here and would urge you to vote for her – only problem is you will have to move to Sydney, Australia first.

Hang on – that is not a problem at all!

It seems there is not an election in Pauline’s part of Sydney at the moment so you might have time to get citizenship etc before there is.




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