Raine’s House Wapping community centre consultation Sat 3rd March

The second Raine’s House Wapping community centre consultation takes place this Saturday 3rd March between 12pm and 6pm at, you guessed it, Raine’s House, Raine’s Street, E1W.

Raine’s House

The first consultation was in late January and it will be interesting to see how plans for the proposed £1.3m refurbishment (yes, £1.3m) have changed.

Previous reports by Love Wapping…

…and a far better report by Lib Dems Stephen O’Shea

When Moley turned up at the consultation event he nearly fell over and bent his whiskers when Stephen O’Shea of Tower Hamlets Lib Dems told us that the cost for the refurbishment was £1.3m.

How much? WTF?

Stephen is the Lib Dems candidate for Wapping in the May election. (Other candidates are available)

Stephen O’Shea of Tower Hamlets Lib Dems pictured standing still (which does not happen often).

Steven’s views on this can be found on the Lib Dems site here and we have reproduced them below as well as they reflect LW’s views and many people we have talked to.

“With ever-decreasing funding for social care, and the Council announcing £50 million of cuts that need to be made, the Council should be preparing to focus its spending on the services that most support our local communities.  The local Liberal Democrats were shocked, therefore, to discover last weekend that the Council is intending to spend £1.3 million to convert the beloved Raines House into a “community hub”.

Raines House is an historic part of Wapping’s local heritage, and provides a number of services including dance classes, tea dance, bingo and social evenings.  It is clear that the venue could benefit from some redecoration, but local residents are concerned that the proposed redesign will take away from the unique East End character, and threaten some of the activities that elderly residents rely upon.

In particular, the proposed £1.3 million cost of the renovation is shocking at a time when local residents are facing cuts in so many vital services.  We understand that use of these funds are restricted to certain initiatives, as it is “section 106 funding” (reciprocal investment funded from development projects).  However, there is surely a better use of this money.

We call on the Council to tell us what other uses for this money were considered, and why this was decided on as the most valuable investment, without consulting local residents first.  Contact wapping@towerhamletslibdems.org.uk to let us know what you think.”

Exactly. (Other political parties are available).

Second consultation event

Letters from the Council have been sent out to local residents and rather than bore you with the whole thing here are the key extracts:

“I write to invite you to a drop-in event to present revised design proposals for the refurbishment and reconfiguration of Raines House to create a community facility. The agreed designs will form part of the planning application which will be submitted in the next few months.

Since the first consultation event in January 2018, the architect has made changes to the first floor layout to ensure that the space provided will meet the needs of Pollyanna Theatre School. Dependent on the outcome of the consultation process, further design alterations may be made.”

The venue for the update event is: Raines House, Raines Street, London E1

Date/Time: Saturday 3rd March February 2018 – 12pm to 6pm

Refreshments will be provided at the event.

If you have any questions about the proposal in the meantime, please contact project manager Nazim Rahman on 0207 364 1143 or email him at nazim.rahman@towerhamlets.gov.uk.

See you there!

LW Comment

In other news the Council has come up with a new logo for their community ‘hubs’ as they insist on calling them.

LW has banned the H Word as it is meaningless and its use in this context is meaningless and so we have slightly amended the logo as below.

Spot the difference? Good, innit? We like our version better.

Pip pip!



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