Rahman’s Aspire party candidates appeal to Wapping’s dead for votes

Inconsiderate residents who die outside office hours or – much worse – at weekends could be key to the electoral fortunes of Lutfur Rahman’s Aspire party candidates in St. Katharine’s & Wapping ward.

Dead certain to win votes?

Candidates Abdullah Al-Mamun and Altab Islam Miah state in their ‘contract with residents’ (above) that they will provide out of hours and weekend coroner services for residents.

Grave undertaking

An electoral promise worth dying for? Probably not.

The expert opinion of our political analysts is that the two cheeky chappies from Aspire (previously Independent Group, previously Tower Hamlets First, etc) don’t realise that once a resident has died they cannot vote.

Even in Tower Hamlets.

SKD & Wapping Aspire party candidates – but where’s Lutfur?

Who on earth are these two?

Abdullah Al-Mamun and Altab Islam Miah are complete unknowns in either St. Katharine’s Dock or Wapping, probably as a result of them not living in the ward.

We think Abdullah Al-Mamun  lives in Whitechapel ward and understand is a relative of Aspire party founding father Lutfur Rahman.

Altab Islam Miah seems to be a resident of Spitalfields & Banglatown ward.

But we don’t know. Never heard of them before. Anyone else?

Apparently ward residents will always be the Aspire party’s first priority. After Lutfur Rahman we assume.

Aspire party leaflets – we want ‘em!

A friend of LW (not the Wapping Mole of course) has a very weird hobby in that they collect Aspire party leaflets. Seriously.

Apparently it’s the only way anyone can actually get a complete list of all the Aspire party candidates.

To keep our friend (not us) happy we would be most grateful if you could email copies of any Aspire party candidates leaflet from anywhere in the borough to us please? Scans are ideal.

Our friend then uploads them to the extremely useful Electionleaflets.org site where you can see the leaflet of Messrs. Abdullah Al-Mamun and Altab Islam Miah in all its glory.

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