People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets recognised by Electoral Commission

The Electoral Commission has recognised Cllr. Rabina Khan’s People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets (PATH) group as a political party.

Cllr. Khan (Independent Group, Shadwell) has been taking the softly softly approach in the local and mayoral elections so far – but this is probably a very sensible idea.

Other candidates have been getting lots of attention for all the wrong reasons – especially when they are caught on camera.

Khan a very real threat to Biggs

Rabina Khan is also the mayoral candidate for the PATH party and as such is the only candidate who can pose a serious challenge to Labour’s John Biggs, the current mayor, for the keys to his office.

John Biggs only won the 2015 mayoral election – itself a rerun of the 2014 election rigged by Rabina Khan’s former boss Lutfur Rahman – by a very narrow margin.

Rabina Khan only lost after second preference votes were counted.

If Tower Hamlets Labour Party do not realise that she is a very real threat they may live to regret it.

Cllr. Khan is closely linked to the movement against the regeneration of Chrisp Street market.

Lutfur Rahman’s Aspire Party / Independent Group continues to lose support and is also hampered by the lack of clarity as to the precise nature of the political relationship between Rahman and Cllr. Ohid Ahmed. 

Weak spot

Cllr. Khan’s weak spot may be a lack of broad support across all segments of the Tower Hamlets demographic as she has an unfortunate track record of focussing on the Bangladeshi vote to the exclusion of others.

She has also yet to publicly distance herself from the numerous irregularities of the Tower Hamlets First administration.

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