Lutfur Rahman is missing! (But only from the new Aspire party leaflets)

It’s official! The Independent Group is now the Aspire Party! The new leaflet for Spitalfields & Banglatown ward ‘Action Team’ features the new black Aspire Party logo but there is not a mention, let alone a photo, of Lutfur Rahman to be seen. So where is Lutfur?

Detail of new Aspire Party leaflet

Just to help the Electoral Commission out here is the new Aspire Party leaflet with a BLACK house instead of a RED house logo. No confusion there.

Spot the difference?

And to help the rest of us out below is a comparison between the new Aspire Party leaflet and an old Independent Group leaflet.

Click image for a larger version

Difficult isn’t it? Need more time? Go ahead.

Another cunning plan

Need a hint? The answer is that all mention of Lutfur Rahman has been removed from the Aspire Party leaflet leaving a big gap bottom left (if only in the leaflet).

This is a cunning plan. We think the Aspire Party logic was as follows.

“If we don’t put photos of Lutfur on our new leaflets nobody will think we have any connection to him!”

Inspired thinking, no?

If only the Aspire Party strategists realised that voters have memories.

Detail from Independent Group leaflet.

If they had considered this then they might have remembered that the tens of thousands of election leaflets they have distributed across the borough include photos and quotations from Lutfur Rahman.

Maybe these same strategists also believe voters will forget that before the Aspire Party was created its membership were members of the Independent Group who were previously members of Tower Hamlets First (who wanted to become Tower Hamlets Together).

Here are the different logos of these political groups which are, um, pretty much the same.

All very confusing. Or not.

Wapping Squirrels to the rescue!

To help the Electoral Commission and anyone else out we asked the Wapping Squirrels if they understood what was really going on?

Nutty Nuts, Love Wapping's Chief Political Analyst.
Nutty Nuts, Love Wapping’s Chief Political Analyst.

“The Aspire Party is a political vehicle for Lutfur Rahman to return to power in Tower Hamlets,” was the immediate answer.

Very clever animals are squirrels.





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