Monday 6-7pm – get answers to questions raised at Wapping Ask the Mayor event

Answers to questions put to Mayor John Biggs at the recent ‘Ask the Mayor’ event in Wapping will be dealt with at a meeting at Raines House on Monday 19th March 6.00pm – 7.30pm

At the recent Ask the Mayor session with residents at Hermitage School, a number of issues were raised with Mayor John Biggs which required follow up with Transport for London (TfL).

These include the 100 bus route, the lifts at Wapping Station and possible ways to prevent coaches and lorries using Wapping streets as a rat run.

And of course events such as the Big Half Baked Marathon on the Highway blocking off Wapping from the rest of London, especially the lack of proper consultation by event organisers London Marathon Events Ltd and TfL.

Answers to these questions will (hopefully!) be provided at a meeting at Raines House has been arranged and Cllr. Denise Jones will be attending.

Date: Monday 19th March 2018

Time: 6.00pm – 7.30pm

Venue: Raines House, Raines Street (off Wapping Lane), E1W 3RL

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