Cllr. Oliur Rahman pops down Stratford bookies for a flutter

Tower Hamlets Councillor Oliur Rahman has been snapped in Coral’s bookmakers Stratford gambling on the roulette machines.

Cllr. Oliur Rahman, Leader of the Independent Group, playing the roulette machines at Corals, Stratford (he’s the one the big red arrow is pointing at).

Having a flutter

One of the Wapping Molettes was having a flutter at the same time and was a little surprised to see Cllr. Oliur in a bookies.

But hey – it’s his leisure time, right? No law against it.

Oliur spent a good half hour gambling on the roulette machines.

Oliur concentrates on winning his fortune

Seems the Leader of the Independent Group and Aspire party councillor for Stepney Green is a regular visitor.

Hanging out with the regulars.

Did Oliur hit the jackpot?

We have no idea if Oliur came out ahead, however as a seasoned Tower Hamlets politician he realises that it is very hard to be a winner!

Next stop Las Vegas?

Unless of course you can find some way of rigging the odds in your favour – natch!



5 thoughts on “Cllr. Oliur Rahman pops down Stratford bookies for a flutter

  1. Would you please provide some context as to why this is a story on Love Wapping? A genuine question as I fail to see this case to be of any relevance to his political life. I would like to be informed as I might be missing something. Thank you.

    1. One of the functions of the press is to ensure that potential voters have a balanced view of anyone standing for public office so that they can compare what candidates say and what they actually do, both in their public and private life. We hope this story helps people in this way. If Cllr. Oliur Rahman wants to spend his free time gambling at the bookies that’s up to him as long as it is not contrary to any of his publicly stated beliefs that he might be relying on to gain votes during an election. Anyone familiar with Tower Hamlets politics knows that it is not often that Cllr. Oliur turns down the opportunity for self-promotion – on this occasion it was our pleasure to help him.

      1. Thank you for your answer, not surprisingly slightly overflowing with sarcasm. I am familiar with TH politics. I however disagree with the focus on private life matters for which the only purpose seems to be to embarrass someone. And I am sure there is a religious connotation you are playing up to here you are not willing to speak of. There are plenty of things to criticise this man for – doing a completely legal bookie in his spare time would not be one I would prioritise writing about.

        1. I think you mean that we are not willing to point out that a politician who makes much of his religion seems more than happy to engage in a (completely legal) activity that is in direct conflict with this faith? Yes, that would be the issue. Public figures, however minor and insignificant, can expect to he held to account for their public and private actions when those actions reflect on their honesty and fitness for office.

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