Men wearing ‘hi-vis’ jackets try to trick their way into Reardon House flat

Wapping Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) have asked us all to keep an eye out for three burglars wearing ‘hi-vis’ jackets who were seen trying to gain access to a flat in Reardon House yesterday afternoon.

If you see them call the police immediately on 999.

The three men are described as white males in their mid 20s wearing ‘hi-vis’ jackets.

Workmen? Or thieves?

They were spotted between 14:30 and 15:30 hrs Tuesday 27th March trying to gain entry to a flat in Reardon House pretending they were workmen.

Wapping SNT ask all residents to be alert for a group of men fitting the description and to call the police on 999 immediately – but do not challenge them.

Bogus callers

This is not the first occasion where people turn up announced at a premises and try and gain access using an excuse such as there is a flood in the flat above and they need to check for water damage or some similar excuse.

These people work in small groups so that if they do manage to get inside your flat one of them will distract you while the others have a look around for anything worth stealing.

Always ask for ID

You must always ask to see the official ID of anyone who asks to come into your home.

If you have a security chain or spy hole on your door use them!

Never allow any unscheduled visitors past your front door.

If in doubt – call 999

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