Big Half Marathon – final update and information for Wapping residents

Unless you have been living on Mars (or in an igloo) for the last week you will be aware that tomorrow morning Sunday 4th March the Big Half Marathon event will be coming through Wapping.

Big Half Marathon route through and around Wapping (click for larger version)

15,000 runners through Wapping. Not just round Wapping, through Wapping.

Please note that LW has found it impossible to get specific information from the race organisers London Marathon Events Ltd despite repeated requests. 

Lookit! Flying trucks!

Presumably this is because the organisers do not give a flying truck about the communities the Big Half Marathon uses.

Information on this page is taken from the Big Half Wapping and The Highway Community Access Information document (PDF). Please check the Big Half site for last minute changes.

Big Half Marathon Route

  • 09:00 start at St Katharine Docks
  • East Smithfield
  • The Highway
  • Limehouse Link
  • Canary Wharf
  • The Highway
  • Garnet Street
  • Wapping High Street
  • Thomas More Street
  • East Smithfield
  • Tower Bridge

Move your car tonight

If you park your car on any of these streets you need to move it tonight before 01:00 Sunday morning or it will be towed away. (Although this conflicts with other advice on the same Big Half page saying vehicle removals across the whole route will start from 06:00.)

Move vehicles by 1am? Or move vehicles by 6am?

Parking at John Orwell

Residents can park in either of the John Orwell Sports Centre car parks in Tench Street. Many thanks for Cllr. Denise Jones for organising this.

Car parking for residents at John Orwell

Road closures

Roads will be closed from 05:00 to 12:30 on Sunday 4 March.

Vehicle Crossing Points

These are listed below (although quite where you will be able to drive to is anyones guess.)

Vehicle Crossing Point 1

Dock Street – Vaughan Way

Closed for runners from 08:45 to 09:45

Vehicle Crossing Point 2

Cannon Street Road – Wapping Lane

Closed for runners from 08:45 to 10:00

Vehicle Crossing Point 3

Glamis Road

Closed for runners from 08:45 to 11:25

Vehicle Crossing Point 4

Kennet Street – St Katharine’s Way

Closed for runners from 08:45 to 11:35

Pedestrian Crossing Points

As far as we are aware (because the organisers refuse to tell us) the only crossing point for pedestrians is outside Wapping Overground.

Big Half Marathon – crossing routes outside Wapping Overground

If you wish to cross the route anywhere else please find a race steward who will assist you.

Wapping Wardens

Due to the high handed approach of the race organisers London Marathon Events Ltd, Transport for London and, sad to say, Tower Hamlets Council until residents got on their case we are suggesting that Wapping residents get out on the race route and keep an eye out for any locals who might need assistance.

Good luck to all the runners taking part raising money for so many worthy causes.

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