We need to talk about Tower Hamlets

The conclusion of our four years close examination of local politics in Tower Hamlets is that corruption is so wide and so entrenched that the borough is beyond saving.

It makes no difference who the electorate votes for,  the system will remain the same.

So why vote at all? There is no reason.

LW was once dubbed a ‘democracy geek’ by an MP – so it hurts to say our votes are of no use.

It is convenient for the different political parties to point the finger at Lutfur Rahman and crew but, as we have said before, Rahman did not invent corruption in the borough. He just did it better than anyone else.

Corruption is not only taking or making bribes.

In Tower Hamlets there is a corruption of basic morality. Horse trading between political parties is so ingrained that the difference between them is blurred.

Voting for the X Party candidate does not mean the X Party candidate either has any real intent on representing the X Party.

“I am a X Party candidate” is a useful label for that person to enter the corridors of power and then switch to whatever party they fancy belonging to next.

Other candidates, let’s say for the Y Party, are waiting to see who is the winner of the mayoral election in May this year and then jump ship.

Other Y Party councillors will, if re-elected, stay in place as Y Party councillors but will in fact work for the X Party.

Sort of like sleeper agents.

Let’s be clear on this. Voting for the X Party or the Y Party does not mean that your vote is translated into a representation of your political beliefs.

Because the X and Y Parties are essentially two factions of the Z Party which your vote will be used by as required for the benefit of the Z Party politicians.

That X Party vote which you agonised over? Is this person better than the Y Party candidate to vote for? Will the Y Party policies deliver what our community needs?

Waste of time. Because the Z Party really got your vote which is transferable between the X and Y Party as the Z Party see fit.

This is not the normal give and take of any political system.

This is corruption at the very heart of the democratic process in Tower Hamlets.

We are not talking about new washing machines for votes, new social housing for votes, new kitchen and or bathrooms for some, dodgy postal ballots, intimidation at the ballot box, Council loans used to buy votes, block votes being decided by clan elders, intimidation of opposing candidates, lunch clubs being used to channel Council money to political supporters, subversion of Council Youth Services for political purposes, wholesale theft of Tower Hamlets Homes residents personal data for canvassing, Council money being paid to organisations which did not exist for services that were never delivered or a directly-elected executive Mayor who refused to answer questions in Cabinet because it would infringe his humans rights if compelled to (seriously, that happened).

We are talking about the spiritual and ethical corruption of politicians that leads to the total collapse of normal party politics which in turn means the electorate do not know who or what they are voting for.

To compound this whichever political group gains control of the Town Hall will be crippled by the dysfunctional mess that passes itself off as the Tower Hamlets local government administration system.

Recent personal experience of council officers has confirmed our belief that whoever is elected Mayor in May it will make little or no difference to voters.

The latest example of this ineptitude is the bizarre tale of the 15,000 runners in a half-marathon event being allowed to run through Wapping without anyone realising. Least of all residents – because they were not told.

In the last few weeks we have written about the Aspire Party registration issue.

Only the Electoral Commission seems to not understand that Aspire Party = Independent Group = Tower Hamlets Independent Group = Tower Hamlets First = Lutfur Rahman. (Hint to Electoral Commission – look at the logos.)

Lets put to one side the minor issue of a corruptly-elected ex-mayor forming his own political party while being banned from seeking electoral office until 2020.

The reality is that Aspire fiasco is not that different from other parties in the borough. It is impossible to distinguish between members of one party and members of another ‘rival’ party.

Because there is no difference at all.

Which is why LW has given up on following this cesspit. Our comments and RT’s are meant to help people find out what is going on and understand issues.

Instead we have inadvertently acted as a megaphone for propaganda. And that ain’t what we are about.

Corruption we will continue to cover. We will also examine the political aspects of other issues – but no more party politics. There is no point.

No more Twitter RT’s or Facebook posts for any local politicians (including the good ones), local political parties or dedicated party political followers.

It’s their cesspit, they made it, they can go and wallow in it.



2 thoughts on “We need to talk about Tower Hamlets

  1. please don’t go, we like hearing what is happening in TH, and the inside information, otherwise the people of that borough will carry on believing the corrupt rants of Lutfur Rahman Gang !
    Please carry on.
    we want to see a better Tower Hamlet instead of a corrupt one.

    1. Don’t worry we aren’t! We decided to not follow or RT any local party political accounts as we think we have inadvertently become a megaphone for the various political nonsense that invaders twitter. We remain determined to root out and expose corruption wherever we can.

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